How To Buy A Mattress That's A Perfect Fit For You

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We all know that a proper mattress is very important for our overall health. There are different mattress types for our different body needs. All you need to do is look for the perfect one. But if your mattress has got quite old and worn out then you need to replace it with a comfortable one.

 If you are planning to bring home a nice and comfortable mattress then you have to have a check on the top brands and their prices. It is very necessary to make proper research of all the accessible options before coming to a final decision. The first thing that should attract your attention while choosing a product is the quality and comfort. Based on these factors, you must buy your mattress for lasting comfort. Because a mattress is considered an investment and you would not want to make a bad one. So, to make your search easier, we are here to guide you in selecting the mattress that would be a perfect fit for you. We shall mention some basic checkpoints that you can consider while looking for a new mattress.

Points To Keep In Consideration While Looking For The New Mattress

  • The Life Of The Mattress: 

The ideal time to get your mattress changed is 8 to 10 years. But at times, your mattress can get work out and out of use even before that. Again, some mattresses continue giving the same amount of comfort even after 10 years of continuous use. So, it is suggested that you go for a mattress based on the quality and comfort that you receive while resting. So, if you are facing any sort of discomfort or some pain while sleeping on your current mattress, then you know that it is time for you to get a new mattress.

  • The Size Of The Mattress: 

Another dominating factor that determines your comfort is the mattress size. There are multiple mattress sizes available from the Twin size to the California king. You must pick the right mattress size for yourself. If you are a growing teen then a twin size, twin xl size or a full-size mattress would suit you. The dimension of a twin-size mattress is 38" X 75", twin xl size measures 38" X 80" and that of the full-size mattress is 54" X 74". But if you are a couple or couple with kids and pets that go for any mattress size right from the Queen size to the California king size mattresses. A standard queen-size mattress has the dimension of 60" X 80" while a California king measures 72" X 84".

  • Type Of Mattress: 

As mentioned above, there are varieties of mattresses available with different types and patterns. You need to select the type of mattress based on your health and other comfort factors. Below we mention some of the mattress types and from there you can select the one that would suit you well.

Hybrid Mattress: These mattresses are made from a combination of latex,memory foam, coils, etc. The combination of these different materials benefits your health in many ways. So, if you are tired of trying out a plain mattress with no such comfort, then you can give the hybrid mattress a try as they contain two layers having different materials.

Latex Mattress: They are made of Latex foam and have a reputation for their cooling properties which provide much comfort during the summer.

Memory Foam Mattress: These mattresses provide great support to those suffering from health issues and who have difficulty sleeping. The foam inside helps to keep the body relaxed and stress-free.

Coil Mattress: These types of mattresses are built in multiple layers of spring coils and provide the required support at the base while sleeping. They are the ideal mattress for you as they are soft, bouncy, have a cooling effect, and also are good for Acupressure.

You can choose among the above-mentioned mattresses according to your choice. But make proper research and gain adequate knowledge of the type of mattress you want. Buying mattresses online would be a great option as there are multiples of options for them. There are the bed in a box facilities available for these online brands where they pack your desired mattress into a box and deliver it to you at your home. The blanket takes the size of the box they are brought in and once you take it out of the box, they come back to their original shape.

  • Make A Proper Budget: Budget is one of the important factors that must be taken into consideration before purchasing a mattress. You have to make a list of the mattress that you need and match their price if they fall into your efforts. At times, you may need to go a bit ahead of your budget to pursue the choice of your mattress for it is an investment you won't regret buying a mattress of good quality. A quality mattress lasts long and also helps you stay fit for a long time while a low-quality mattress would neither last long nor provide you comfort.

  • Select Mattresses According To Your Sleep Posture: Your sleeping position must also be taken into consideration while going for a newer mattress. Those who sleep on their sides keep changing their positions very often. That is why they should pursue a mattress having soft and medium firmness.

Again, those sleeping on their back must choose a mattress that provides an adequate amount of support to the back. Also, they should not be too hard on the back. Choose for a mattress having firmness between 4 to 7.


These are some of the points that should be kept in mind while looking for a mattress of your choice. With them in mind, we assure you will be able to have a proper idea of how to purchase the mattress of your choice. 

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