Prepare for Class 6 Maths Exam with toppers tips

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Students who are preparing for class 6th maths exam must keep in mind that they have to prepare well. There is not a lot going on with the 6th standard maths but it is the perfect time to solidify your basics. Proper learning is required in this stage and students should try to understand the topic and concept instead of mugging up. If you are having difficulties with the preparation you can always follow the toppers tips below to prepare for your class 6th maths exam. This article will provide you with the best tips shared by toppers and you can implement them in your preparation. Following are some tips shared by toppers.

Study Regularly

Regular 4-6hrs of learning and solving maths is more than enough for students who are preparing for the 6th class maths exam; there is no need to overdo it. You can follow a morning routine and a separate evening routine to study and practice regularly. To score well you need to focus and prepare daily. If you are having a tutor, then solve the questions given by him/her every day and maintain separate notes for it. After coming from school do your homework daily and be professional enough to follow this every single day. Ask your parents or tutor to formulate a study plan for you. Do not just study for the sake of studying; instead, take small breaks after solving 10-11 questions or after completing a certain topic.

Strengthening your Basics

Basic maths is taught in class 6. Keeping this in mind students should not try to avoid or feel lazy about the subject. This is the prime time for a student to solidify their basic and prepare themselves for the higher classes. Proper preparation will not only help you score good marks in the exam instead it will help you strengthen your basics and help you build your confidence in the subject.

Analyze and Understand Topics

Students in lower classes do not try to understand or analyze the topics, these results in mugging the solution of the questions and hamper the preparation. If the topics are not properly understood or analyzed you will never be able to understand the concept and solve questions. To score well and get better in maths you need to properly analyze the topics and the questions, if you are having trouble understanding the concept of certain topics you can always get help from your elders or teachers.  

Work on problem solving skills

Do not be lazy to solve and practice problems every day. Every student must know that practice is the key to learn and understand the subject, and with the proper understanding, you will be able to solve more questions and score well in your 6th class maths exam. You can also practice along with your friends and conduct a group study. There are no shortcuts to practice and students should keep that in mind while preparing. You can refer to the NCERT solution for class 6 maths while practicing problems.

Chapters that needs more practice and importance

To be frank all the chapters are equally important but few chapters require extra attention and practice. Following are some chapters that are important for the class 6th maths exam.

    • Integers: The natural numbers in the negative infinity and the positive infinity including zero are known as integers. The integers are denoted by the letter “Z”. This chapter will help you to understand the number line and imaginary numbers better in the higher classes.
    • Fractions: The chapter fraction is important and must be studied properly. Fractions are numbers that are in the form of p/q where p is known as numerator and the q is known as denominator. For e. g. 1/5, 2/3, etc.
    • Decimals: Decimals are numbers that have a whole number and a fractional part that is separated by a decimal point. This chapter is also important and must be studied properly. Some examples of decimals are as follows: 39.2, 25.7, 1542.356, etc. This can also be written as 392/10, 257/10, etc.
    • Whole numbers: Whole numbers are numbers that include all the natural numbers and 0. Thus it is all the positive integers including 0. Learn the different types and properties of the whole numbers.
  • Basic geometrical ideas: This chapter is very important to build your foundation in geometry and must not be avoided. The geometrical ideas are all around us and it deals with the measurement of the area and perimeter to find the shape of the object.

Online Study

Students can prepare from online classes and available online platforms. The benefit of online preparation is that you can learn the subject through animated explanations. These animated videos help students to understand and remember the concept more easily. Online preparation will also help you to clarify your doubts and other questions related to the subject. You can also find online classes where the subject is explained with live examples and doubt clearing.

Solving Previous Years Questions

All the students must solve previous year's questions and sample papers. This will help you to gain experience and learn the pattern of the questions. With solid practice, you will be able to solve an adequate amount of sample papers and be well prepared for the exam. The previous year's questions can be solved from question banks; these question banks also provide you the latest sample papers at the end.

Adequate Sleep

You should complete your daily routine by 10 pm and go to bed by 10:30-11 pm. adequate sleep is required to keep your health well and must not be taken lightly. Do not push yourself unnecessarily and hamper your health as it will only cause hindrance to your preparation.


Following these above tips shared by the toppers will benefit you with your preparation for the class 6th maths exam. Learn the concepts and prepare well, you can also learn tricks and shortcuts for the problems and their calculations as it will help you to manage time during the exam.

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