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The online security industry has long grown into a sprawling, technologically advanced niche of products. Nowadays, you really can’t do without at least some products of this sort, and VPN is by far the most popular of them all. That being said, there are also various IP renting centers, proxy server hubs & more.

Hidemy.name unites many of these features in one package that can easily be bought without even sharing any of your private information (except, of course, for payment details). That’s why hidemy.name is considered to be one of the best VPN services, although it’s also much more than that.

Let’s see exactly what it is.

Hidemy.name explained

Unlike numerous similar services, hidemy.name service doesn’t just provide VPN (although it is available and quite outstanding here). VPN doesn’t always do the job you want, versatile as it is. That’s why this business offers more similar, yet distinct solutions for safety, security, privacy. and anonymity online. These include:

  • VPN proper
  • IP renting shop
  • Proxy server network.

Besides that, there are also several minor features that have little to do with security but still provide good insight, such as a speed test or an IP scanner to determine the speed of your connection and your IP address respectively, as well as several more solutions.

The full catalog of services can be seen here: https://hidemy.name/en/.

But what exactly each of these major features is? How do they work? How do you gain access to them? What are the main properties? That’s quite simple really.

Hidemy.name VPN

VPN is equally interesting and crucial for a modern user. Being careful online isn’t enough anymore, private information is so easy to steal nowadays. VPN (short for Virtual Private Network) is the best method of encrypting your information across the internet.

The entire process works like this:

  1. Webpage/business/hacker requests your information for their own purposes.
  2. Your information is sent their way, but instead of being received immediately, it goes through a VPN server.
  3. There, it’s processed, encrypted, and turned into illogical messages.
  4. The other side still receives what it wanted from you, but for them, it’s utterly useless.

In short, instead of directly telling the current webpage everything about yourself, including your e-mail, preferences, location (and so forth), it all goes from your device to the one located elsewhere and armed with a powerful encrypting tool. From there, it’s sent over to the recipient. The entire process lasts just a few milliseconds longer than without a VPN, so you needn’t worry about slower connections.

On hidemy.name, VPN works exactly the same. It’s impossible to crack, it provides secure, fast connections, and there are also 40+ available locations for you to pick from. It’s more than most similar services have to offer.

Proxy servers

Proxy servers are loosely associated with VPN servers, and you’d make a fatal mistake thinking you could replace a good VPN with a proxy. Proxy servers don’t protect or encrypt your data in any way; it can still be accessed and stolen if you aren’t careful.

Proxy servers are only good if you want to hide your presence & location from the webpage. The rest of your personal data is at their mercy (unless, of course, you use VPN simultaneously). Each server has its own IP address, physical location, and parameters. In this, they aren’t unlike the VPN servers. However, that’s where the similarities end.

Hidemy.name provides an extensive network of proxy servers (counting several hundred). Just know that some can be overcrowded, while others can cut your connection short by rerouting your requests through themselves and back onto where the webpage server is located. 

Renting an IP address

IP rent is one of the simpler approaches. VPN gives you a different IP when you pick a different location because you connect through one of the external servers, each of which has its own IP address. But that means they are limited in number and can theoretically be blacklisted (although it’s unlikely).

IP rent is comfortable because you can very quickly swap them to visit the same website from different ‘devices’. Each IP address is considered a new device. This allows you to bypass blacklists without using VPN or visiting the same webpage over and over again without alerting the owners (if it’s important to you).

In this, IP address generators are similar to proxy servers, except they are even simpler and even more insecure compared to proxy servers and especially compared to VPN servers.

Subscription plans

A grand thing about hidemy.name and all the excellent features they have here is that it’s not even that costly. In fact, compared to most big names in the industry, it’s almost insultingly cheap. Moreover, you don’t even need to register to buy the product; they’ll simply sell you an access code you can use on as many as 5 devices simultaneously.

First of all, you always get the same amount of content no matter what plan you pick (except for a smaller trial plan). The only thing that changes is the duration, and of course the cost:

  • Buying 1 month costs $8
  • Buying 6 months costs $5 per month and $30 in total
  • Buying 1 year costs $4 per month and $48 in total
  • Buying 2 years costs $3 per month and $72 in total
  • Buying 3 years costs $2.4 per month and $86 in total
  • Buying 5 years costs $2 per month and $120 in total.

You can also test a shortened version for 24 hours or refund the full price within 30 days from the purchase.

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