Language with No Boundaries

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According to Babbel Magazine's estimates, the English language is spoken by 20% of the world's population. It is not only one of the most widely spoken languages globally, but it is also the most widely learned international language.

A Language that Connects the Globe:

Language learners can talk with native speakers of their target language using Bilingual. Sure, learning a foreign language is one of the most rewarding tasks you can undertake these days, but did you know that some universal languages enable people to interact with one another regardless of location?

Two plus two will always remain equal to four, and the equation will remain the same if it is spoken in Spanish, Swahili, or written on our hands. Mathematical evidence that we all work with numbers can be found worldwide, in the past, present, and future. Math is the ultimate universal language, providing precise answers to precise questions. The wonder of numbers brings people together all over the world.

Music – The Language of Hearts:

Music is the universal language of feelings. The fact that anyone can listen to musical tones ranging from the highest pitches of fear or euphoria to the lowest rumbling growl explains opera's universal appeal. Every moviegoer anticipates the scene in which the hero and heroine fall in love, the music begins to play, and your life immediately makes sense. Except when moved by a great piece of music, music allows the body to experience rhythm and sound; we cannot be too emotional.

According to a recent Harvard University report, music is a universal language. "Where words fail, music talks," as the saying goes, and now there's research to back it up. According to new research from Harvard University, music has its collection of codes and patterns widely recognized. Listening to English songs is an excellent way to improve your language skills. You will not only be in a better mood, but you will also have a better understanding of grammar and pronunciation. Also, you can check your grammar knowledge by using a spelling checker tool.

English Literature for the Globe:

Literature is generally written in an artistic approach. However, other types of text, such as screenplays, nonfiction, song lyrics, and online communication through blogs and other means, may now be considered literature in the modern sense of the word. An English Literature major would likely study poetry, drama, prose fiction, and more controversial types of literature, depending on their chosen course.

English the Language of Sport:

English has become the global language of sports and industry. It brings people from various backgrounds, countries, and languages together and enables them to interact clearly and effectively. Athletes must connect with their managers, teammates, coaches, the media, sponsors, and fans. Using what you learned during a structured practice lesson to help you recall vocabulary and grammar structures may be beneficial. 

Researchers studied two groups of Chinese students in a May 2017 study: one learning English vocabulary while riding stationary bicycles, and the other learning the vocabulary while sitting at a typical desk. The outcomes were astounding. When assessed, the group who exercised while learning not only answered a higher percentage of questions correctly, but they also responded much faster. After analyzing the findings, the researchers concluded that children learn languages more quickly when they participate in sports.

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