Encouraging Bravery, Clarity, and Courage In Our Response To COVID-19

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PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — As we move forward in the COVID-19 response, more and more people are looking for ways to stay brave, clear, and courageous. 

As individuals and organizations are looking for skills and tools to respond proactively and optimistically, new resources are emerging. 

Clear Messaging 

There’s nothing like clear messaging to help individuals and organizations stay on point about the pandemic. In light of so much conflicting information in the media, medical and public experts have developed a communications toolkit to educate people on the importance of COVID-19. 

Brown University School of Public Health and the Harvard Global Health Institute joined forces to offer communication materials such as social media messaging, animations, and handouts. The new toolkit is a free public resource that can help cities, states and communities understand the importance of COVID testing

Sharing Stories

As so many people have expressed in the news and social media, sharing stories of resilience and kindness is inspiring. This is the mission and vision of Born This Way, Lady Gaga’s foundation. The foundation shares personal stories on Channel Kindness, a forum for young people to share their stories of kindness, bravery, and courage.

While these stories are emerging from the pandemic, they also extend beyond the scope of our response to this global upheaval.

One of the fascinating dimensions is recognizing the power of storytelling and story hearing. Sharing stories is opening new channels for emotional connection.

Connecting Emotionally

Scientists and medical professionals agree that connecting emotionally is key for combating the isolation, depression, and social disruption that has come with this epidemic. 

If you are feeling that you need to talk with someone, mental health experts are available on line and on campus. One of the strange benefits in disguise of this pandemic has been an increase in public awareness of the importance of mental health.

Managing Financial Challenges

As counselors and mental health professionals agree, talking openly with a counselor can provide a valuable forum for exploring issues. Discussing psychological responses with a professional counselor is an important step to healing.

Some of the issues that people are facing are financial as well as psychological. Many people, from all age groups, are facing economic fallout from the pandemic. To respond to this, many people are exploring options for bridging an immediate need. Among the most commonly used options are family-and-friend loans, fast title loans, and credit union loans.

Financial experts most often advise against getting loans from friends and families. The changes in interpersonal relationships that extend from a personal loan can be difficult to integrate. A title loan is a loan on your car or vehicle. This does not require having a personal conversation with your parents, sibling, or relative; or dealing with any personal repercussions. A credit union loan may be available through your student union or other affiliations.

As you evaluate your options for managing financial challenges, consider the psychological and financial impact.

Sum Up

As we’ve seen in the last year, we are resilient, courageous, and able to respond to unprecedented upheavals. By making use of toolkit resources, mental health resources, inspirational resources, and financial resources, we can move forward with confidence.

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