Advancements in Vehicle Imaging Solutions

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High-resolution vehicle imaging provides a consistent and standard set of car images. For vehicle sellers, this technology boosts conversion rates. Also, it allows prospective buyers to have more confidence in their purchases.

Vehicle imaging may include sensors capturing different images from a car’s surroundings. Some of the latest ones capture the processing circuitry. These images can help generate data showing any blocked areas of the car’s surroundings. The processing circuitry may produce the vehicle’s movement data by combining current images from sensors with the time-delayed image data.

What is Vehicle Imaging?

Vehicle imaging is a product that allows car manufacturers and owners to showcase their vehicles in the best possible way. The aim is to attract more buyers who want to pan out or zoom in to see the car in better detail. Do you want to choose the most appropriate vehicle imaging solution for you? If this is the case, you need to go for one that fits your budget and needs.

Some of the best vehicle imaging solutions use vision cameras. Some of these cameras come with artificial intelligence-based damage detection algorithms. Integrating this tech into your operations will help you make more informed decisions.

Firms use state-of-the-art inspection systems for liability determination, asset protection, and quality assurance. Thanks to high-resolution cameras, vehicle imaging systems take clear photos of cars as they move through their field of view. This technology is more important today than ever due to the global pandemic.

Acceleration of High-Tech Vehicle Imaging Solutions due to the Covid-19 Pandemic

Wholesale auctions are one place car dealers look for good-quality used vehicles. Dealers or buyers could walk around a car, look for dings or dents, kick its tires, and decide whether to place a bid. Due to the pandemic, there is a temporary halt to this type of inspection in many places. Car dealers have to rely on reports provided by vehicle wholesalers.

Some in-person car auctions are resuming. However, vehicle dealers are now demanding detailed information about each car. They are also looking for increased reliability. This applies whether or not they are making an in-person bid or bidding online. This is forcing wholesale car dealers and manufacturers to rely on everything from virtual lifts to AI to give car dealers the assurance they need before making a bid on a car.

Benefits of Investing in a Vehicle Imaging System

For most car manufacturers and dealers, having such a system can mean the difference between losing and making a sale. For modern consumers, the ability to view high-quality videos and still photos of a vehicle they are planning to purchase is a necessity and not a luxury. Some of the benefits of using a vehicle imaging system or solution include:

  • Better management of business processes
  • More online buyers
  • Independent customer dispute resolution
  • Improved quality control thanks to the ability to detect the tiniest vehicle imperfections
  • Better documentation and liability determination
  • Higher conversion rates

Are you looking for a good vehicle imaging solution? If you are, you need to go for one that offers unparalleled quality, breadth, and depth. A good car imaging database should include high-resolution images of all the vehicles. This will help prospective customers make informed and confident decisions.

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