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Hair transplant is a common term today as most people suffer from receding hairline, baldness, hair loss, etc. Hair transplantation surgery involves removing thick hair from the donor site of the patient and placing it on the bald patches or receding hairline. It is an extremely promising technique that solves the problem of baldness. This holiday season find a way to treat yourself with a new look. Get the confidence back with bouncy hair. The hustle of the everyday chores pushes some of the important things way back. Hair transplant turkey allows beating the odds without delaying it further. Especially during the holiday season we get time to think of ourselves and prep up for the future, since it gives time to relax its wise to utilize it for the better since it makes a perfect time for hair restoration surgery. 

What is the use of hair transplants?

Insecurities, low confidence, and embarrassment are a few of the challenges people face if they have receding hairlines or baldness. Although it is an expensive procedure it brings many advantages to the patients there are many temporary fixes to treat baldness but they don’t last long and the problem is recurring. Since the temporary fixes are not a solution let’s see what benefits does Hair transplants offer;

Lasting results:  The Hair transplant mainly aims at fixing the problem from the root. It thus gives lasting results to the patients instead of a short-term solution. The hair is completely restored from the follicle level with scientific procedures which enhance the hair growth.

Maintenance: The short-term treatments require more effort to keep the look intact on the contrary, the hair transplants need negligible maintenance. You can flaunt your hair without spending money on exclusive maintenance procedures after the surgery. As the hair follicles start growing maintaining basic hygiene and hair care routine will do.

Cost-effectiveness: It is the best option to choose as it is only a one-time expense, unlike the temporary ones. If you go for temporary fixes the products, clinic visits, and treatments cost a lot more than a transplant and it is a permanent solution in one sitting.

Things to know before hair transplant:

There are exceptions for people who can’t go for a hair transplant like; People with baldness from birth if someone has blood-borne diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis C, chronic health diseases like liver failure, kidney diseases, people above 65 years of age, etc.

Physical evaluation before surgery; doctors evaluate the patient's physical condition upon aspects such as reaction to anesthesia, allergies, health, and lifestyle, existing or prior health issues that might affect the procedure or the results will be thoroughly examined. The success rate of the surgery also depends on the medical history of the patient. 

The evaluation process includes an examination of the strength of hair and scalp evaluation helps to determine the hair growth pattern, hair loss history in the family, extent of hair loss, and history of hair transplant earlier. They also evaluate the risks involved. 

What Is the Difference Between the popular FUE and DHI?

Let’s understand what is FUE and DHI?

FUE is one of the most popular surgeries in the world and it is also most preferred. The process involves making grafts from the scalp and there is no visibility of marks so it appears very natural. Using the micro blades the doctor opens channels after the hair extraction is completed. The grafts are then placed in the channels created by the surgeon. The grafts are implanted in the recipient site. The results are visible from two months but noticeable change can be seen in 12-18 months.

DHI is a ‘direct hair implant’ it is a newer treatment. It doesn’t leave any scars or marks and gives a natural look to the patient. The doctors remove the hair follicles and load them into an implant device. The next process is directly implanting on the recipient site. The doctors have perfect control of the direction, angle, and depth of the implanted hair. The results and recovery time are similar to FUE.

The difference: 

The main difference between both the treatments is the grafts, the FUE procedure requires the channels to be opened to manually implant the grafts that were extracted. The DHI uses tools to directly implant eliminating the process of channel opening for grafts.

To sum up; Hair transplants are revolutionizing in the hair care industry with new developments, faster recovery time, and cost efficiency it gives patients hope and satisfaction to experience great hair every day. 

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