Alternative Activities for Fishing Fans

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Almost 50 million people in the United States have gone fishing at least once in their lives. Many go on a regular basis. It’s great for relaxation, it’s a good way of spending time with friends and it helps keep you fit. It also means you can be responsible for directly sourcing some of your own food.

But when you don’t have the time or opportunity to go fishing, what other activities can you do that bring the same feelings that fishing does?

Virtual Fishing Games

It might not quite have the same appeal as spending time in the great outdoors, but virtual fishing games can be wonderfully entertaining.

Real VR Fishing is a popular app among finishing fanatics. The graphics are great, giving the appeal of fishing locations that could almost be real. Importantly, there are different settings you can choose according to your mood, so you can select anything from stress-free fishing to competitive fishing challenges. You also get your own virtual aquarium to display all the fish you catch. 

Fishing Planet is another popular fishing game, and it’s available to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows. Many fans call it the most immersive fishing game out there. The graphics are truly excellent and players get a genuine feeling of the fishing environment. There is also a huge selection of fish that can be caught, adding a little excitement too.

Another fun alternative for fishing fans is to play some online slots of the Bigger Bass Bonanza game, a popular sequel to Big Bass Bonanza.

Fish Board Games

A physical fishing game many people remember from childhood is a magnetic game with rods and magnetic fish in a pond. Although it can be a popular game for children – and teaches them fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination – this is a really fun game to play when you want a game for all age groups.

There are plenty of other board games out there that have a distinctly fishy theme – some of them much beloved, others that are more recently launched. One of them is Fishin’ Time, where the aim is to catch the highest weight in fish before the timer runs out. You can decide how long you want each round to last by setting the time. Then you move your boat around the board, where you land on different fish tiles. It’s not just a case of beating the clock, as players can draw cards that can set them back a little. It could be anything from having a hole in your boat to losing your fishing rod.

Another fun fishing board game is called Swordfish. The premise of this game is about succeeding in the best fishing spot in the world. Grand Banks is the name of this revered fishing spot, and the purpose of the game is to employ captains and crews – as well as complete a host of other fishing administration – in order to catch the highest amount of fish in Grand Banks. But along the way, you’ll contend with powerful storms and other hazards that could stand in the way of success.


For many keen fishermen, the pleasure of fishing is spending time in nature, looking out over natural habitats, and spending time to simply be still. For some, it is not even about catching fish, but about being close to wildlife. Another activity that fishing fans are likely to enjoy is therefore birdwatching

Even if you are not familiar with birds and bird watching, it is easy to start. Begin by downloading some birdwatching apps. These apps are fantastic for beginners as they contain essential information to help you identify birds, local areas you can go to spot certain birds, and how you can go bird watching without disrupting the habitat.

While apps are great, it can also be useful to buy a field book for birdwatching – look for one specific to your local area so you can quickly find relevant information. The next step in your bird watching journey is to buy some binoculars, and identify a good (and comfortable) spot to go and wait for some bird activity. It helps some beginners to focus on trying to spot one particular bird that is common to the area. This helps you get to grips with trying to spot and identify certain birds. As soon as you can confidently identify one bird species, it becomes easier to identify others.

Influence Others

If you are looking for another fishing-related pastime, why not try to influence others to enjoy your hobby? Big Mouth Billy Bass is the singing fish that has become a jovial gift for many people – and it has an element of surprise too, as it can break into song when triggered. Other funny fish-related items that might influence others include everything from fish house shoes to rechargeable torch gloves ideal for fishing in low light conditions!

Whether or not you actually manage to gather some other fishing friends, you’ll certainly enjoy showering people with fish-related gadgets and gifts!

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