Why Should Universities Conduct Effective Mock Interviews For Fresher Graduates?

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When the placement season arrives, students are often seen nervous and worried. Why won’t they? After all, it would be their first job interview. No matter how well a student has done academically, it’s natural for them to get anxious during the face-to-face interview round.

Given the cut-throat competition in industries like IT, healthcare, hospitality, etc., many students get discouraged due to the fear of rejection. And, many of them couldn’t make it because they mess up with the interviews.

This is why universities should focus on conducting a mock job interview for fresher graduates! Whether it is a skill-centered or a behavioral-based question, when a student knows what to expect in a real job interview, they would be able to prepare well. Not only will it instil confidence, but it will also help them hone their skills for all the interview rounds, including aptitude, writing, technical, etc.

In a nutshell, mock interviews help students identify their shortcomings and correct them in time. Read on to know why it is imperative for colleges or universities to conduct practice interviews.

Mock Interviews Are A Perfect Practice Tool

A mock interview is like a study session that boosts students’ confidence, helping them perform well. They get an opportunity to practice the rounds they need to crack in a job interview. Instead of getting puzzled with unusual, tricky interview questions, they will practice their answers before the real interview.

The best thing you can do is to practice, practice makes perfect. The good news is that Artificial Intelligence has evolved now and became smarter, it can even help us to prepare for interviews. Using this free service, you can practice unlimited times for free . This mock interview is especially designed for fresh graduates. At the end you will get detailed feedback from AI about your interview skills and personality. So why not leverage this opportunity?
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Get Professional Advice About The Interview Strategy

If a student is able to handle the questions, that’s good! But just being reactive isn’t what they are supposed to do. They should have a plan or strategy of what strong points they should include while answering the interviewee.

Mock interviews help students get suggestions from experts via AI so they can rectify their mistakes. It also helps improve the students’ problem-solving skills, enabling them to put forth their knowledge in the best manner.

Go To The Interview With More Confidence

As mentioned earlier, mock interviews are like study sessions that make students able to perform well. The more mock interview sessions they attend, the better they will do in the real interview. When the students have prepared well, they will radiate confidence. And confidence is what attracts employers.

Also, during a mock interview, a student gets to work with the most dreaded questions. They learn how to market their skills in an exceptional way so that it doesn’t seem like they are boasting. This further improves their self-confidence.

Help Students Prepare As Required

Mock interviews are meant to prepare students for the real deal. And, universities should carry these sessions as close as the real ones. In addition to preparing the answers or highlighting the achievements, students should also know how to dress up in the best professional clothes.

Suppose a student is well-dressed from head to toe, but the looks don’t fine-tune with the body language. It will only increase the stress, and they will end up making silly blunders in the interview. With the AI feedback from the mock interviews, students learn how to remain calm and poised no matter how nervous they feel. It is one of the most important skills to develop.

To Sum Up

Mock interviews play a pivotal role in the real interview preparation. No matter how much a student has scored in academics, the way they respond to the interview questionsLinks to an external site. is what decides their success. Therefore, it is necessary to help students stay prepared for the interview and get the dream job they deserve.

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