What Are The Best Window Treatments For Winter?

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There is a fresh chill in the air that makes you grab a sweater before heading out of  the house. Finally, it is winter time and the chilly months are here to stay. During these  cold months, sitting next to the heater and reading an interesting book or watching a  great film is the best feeling ever. It is also the time to prep your house to keep out the  cold while maintaining warmth. Apart from checking the roof, switching off any outdoor  faucets, and cleaning the chimney, make sure you remember to dress your windows  in order to seal out the cold air. This is because being caught off guard by a chill from  uncovered windows would be the last thing anyone would want. Dressing your  windows is one of the several things that can be done to make your house toasty and  warm. If you reside in a cold place, there are measures that can be adopted easily  while choosing window coverings to keep in the warm air. Spending on window  coverings that keep out the frigid air will also be an inviting addition to block out the  strong heat during the summer months.  

How Do Homes Lose Heat? 

Why do some homes have to keep their heaters running throughout the day during  winters? Most of us feel that once our home warms up, we can turn off the heater.  However, heat escapes from the home through gaps on the wall, windows, roof, and  doors. In fact, homes tend to lose most of the heat through the windows.  

Identifying a way of preventing heat loss through the windows can thus save you a ton  on energy bills. It is advisable to mount window treatments that avoid heat from  entering the house on warm days and hot air from leaving the house on cold days.  Window treatments help keep your house hot during the winters and cool during the  summers without investing more in heaters and air conditioners. 

How Window Treatments Keep The Cold Out 

When window coverings are measured and mounted correctly, they insulate the house  by capturing an air layer between the window treatments and the window. This  effectively seals the windows without letting the air escape from the windows. For an  excellent effect, the window treatments should be raised during the daytime to let the  sun rays warm the house. As soon as the sun sets in the evening, the window  treatments should be lowered. With the window treatments being closed, warm air  from the sunlight and your heating devices won’t escape from the house. 

Which Window Coverings Are Suitable During Winters? 

  1. Cellular/Honeycomb Shades 

Honeycomb shades are one of the most energy-efficient window coverings.  They block out heat during the summer while maintaining a cozy temperature 

inside during winter. These window shades have a honeycomb design that  develops an air pocket between the window pane and your house interior that  avoids heat from escaping thereby, acting as an insulator. The cellular shades  build a warm atmosphere within your room while upgrading your décor style.  They come in a wide range of layering choices like single and double cells. It is  better to opt for double cell honeycomb shades for the winter season as they  offer better insulation. 

  1. Draperies 

Draperies are an excellent way of adding additional insulation to the current  window coverings such as shades or blinds. They let you regulate the room  temperature while preventing heat loss during winters. Also, you can pick from  a wide array of fabrics and colors to suit them with your home décor.  Irrespective of what you pick as the primary insulation layer for covering your  windows during winters, draperies boost their efficiency. 

  1. Plantation Shutters 

Plantation shutters may not appear to be an effective solution for dressing your  windows when the temperature reduces, but they feature far fewer gaps when  compared to other window coverings as they are mounted tightly to the window  frame. Closed louvers build a barrier to avoid warm air from leaving or cold air  from entering. Both vinyl and wood plantation shutters are equally energy  efficient. For adding beauty and natural warmth to your house décor, wooden  plantation shutters are a perfect choice. 

  1. Roman Shades 

If you want a versatile window treatment option that provides aesthetic appeal  as well as insulation, then Roman shades are the ideal ones for you. They are  produced from thick material and their sealed edges keep out the cold. If you  desire additional protection from cold weather, then Roman shades with a  thermal backing develop a soft, cozy feel in your house while maintaining the  desired level of temperature. 

  1. Insulated Curtains 

These are lined curtains that can keep the warm air inside and cold air outside  the house. Apart from maintaining a moderate temperature within your house,  they decrease the load on your HVAC system. At times, they have a magnetic  strip attached to their sides so that they stick around the window sill thereby,  building a tighter barrier. 

  1. Combination Window Coverings 

To make your windows winter-ready and boost your energy efficiency, you can  also consider layering window coverings. A blend of window treatments is a  good idea to boost insulation. Some of the options are honeycomb shades and 

draperies, plantation shutters and Roman shades, and horizontal blinds with  curtains to mention a few. 

Bottom Line 

With the winter season coming ever closer, most of us might want to begin  thinking about energy-efficient ways of keeping our house warm and  comfortable this winter. After all, no house owner would want to invest in high energy costs. Other than changing your windows, one of the excellent ways of  saving energy is by spending on high-quality window treatments. Ideally, one  must insulate their windows before the cold weather arrives. So, it is a nice idea  to begin covering them now with the various window coverings mentioned  above tips to boost insulation. The best window treatments make your home a  cozier place to live in while boosting its energy efficiency.

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