What Type Of Blinds Are the Most Effective Year-Round?

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Based on the season, you might want to change your window treatments. While some  window blinds are suitable for cold weather, other blinds are better for warm weather  and some window blinds are good throughout the year. Identifying the best ones for  your house makes sure that you are having the right window treatments year-round  helping you in multiple ways.  

Window blinds that control your house temperature are an excellent pick for year round convenience. They reduce the impact of the hot summer sun, keep your house  cooler, and also drop down your heating and cooling bills significantly. Such blinds are  an excellent option if the overall temperature of your place is warmer throughout the  year. They actually feature a fabric layer on the blinds for blocking out most of the heat  and harmful UV rays. And, as the slats are closer together it makes a tighter seal when  lowered fully to avoid any unnecessary heat and sunlight from entering your house. 

The same holds good for window blinds that block out the cold. They are typically  made from thick materials that develop an area of trapped air between the window and  blinds. This air pocket offers an additional insulation layer for maintaining an overall  warm temperature.  

Warm and Cold Seasons 

In terms of maintaining a cozy temperature inside your house throughout the year with  window blinds, there are various ways of doing it: 

  1. The first one takes the benefit of heat blocking films fixed directly onto the  windowpane. This window film takes care of the heat during summers. Coupled  with the window blinds for blocking out the freezing cold, you will now have a  setup that works for all seasons. The window film also creates an additional  insulation layer that keeps you warm during winters! If you want to allow all the  sunlight to enter during the summers without the heat, then simply raise the  window blinds all the way up. 
  2. The second one takes the benefit of window blinds that can be pulled upwards  as well as downwards. During winters, they can be left fully closed to keep out  the cold. However, they can be opened just on the bottom during the summers.  This lets them block out the direct afternoon sunlight avoiding your house from  getting too hot. 

Which Blinds Are Effective For All Seasons?

Irrespective of the climate you stay in, different kinds of window blinds are capable of  doing different things to keep your house cozier throughout the year.  

  1. Venetian Blinds 

These blinds typically feature pull cords, twistable wands, and horizontal slats  for controlling the amount of sunlight entering the room. Venetian blinds have  been upgraded and enhanced. Currently, these blinds are made of high-end  materials with better designs. Slats are made from vinyl, aluminum, and wood  which makes them highly durable and attractive. They also come with cordless  designs, letting you adjust their length by simply pulling or lifting the bottom of  the blinds. They are available in various colors and can be adjusted easily  letting you select your privacy level.  

  1. Roman Blinds 

These blinds can add a lot to your room’s design and decor. These blinds are  traditionally made of fabric that fold into themselves when opened. They are  available in various colors and fabrics. Roman blinds are excellent for blocking  out sunlight and for adding some insulation advantages. As these blinds are  made of fabric, most Roman blinds come with a lining. These blinds are capable  of reducing temperature fluctuations in a room if they fit tightly into a window sill  which is beneficial during summers and winters.  

  1. Pleated Blinds 

These blinds possess accordion-shaped folds that go on top of one another  when lifted. They are available in two types: standard pleats and a honeycomb  design. Both of them are excellent for many windows, however, each of them  has certain benefits over the other. 

  • Blinds with standard pleats are available in a wide array of patterns and  colors. 
  • Blinds with honeycomb design trap air between two to three fabric layers,  adding an extra barrier between your window and temperature controlled rooms with increased energy efficiency. They are also  excellent at blocking out sunlight than the standard pleated blinds. 
  1. Roller Blinds 

Roller blinds come in a wide array of colors, patterns, and fabrics. Their light blocking capability depends on the fabric material, however, few are extremely  efficient at blocking out the sunlight. However, they aren’t adjustable for privacy  or light beyond just opening or closing them. So, you can’t be too accurate with  light control. They are one of the expensive kinds of window blinds, however,  the aesthetic touch they add to a space makes them worth the investment. 

  1. Vertical Blinds

These blinds are made of vertical vanes instead of horizontal slats. These  vanes are weighed and connected together at the bottom to hold them in place.  These blinds hang down from a headrail and slide sideways to open. Vertical  blinds let you angle the vanes to direct the sunlight around your house. Vertical  blinds direct sunlight towards the right or left of the room. These blinds are  available in a wide array of colors to suit any decor style and are come with a  blackout lining.  

  1. Smart Blinds and Shades 

Window blinds and shades can be set up to work in coordination with your smart  devices. Through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, your window blind’s slat angles and length  can be adjusted to receive the ideal amount of sunlight even when you are  away! The window motorized zebra shades are installed just like the normal  shades except with the addition of a WiFi-controlled motor at the peak. The  motor can then be set to function with an app on your smartphone or a virtual  assistant such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa that lets you operate them  with voice commands. These blinds and shades can then be adjusted to lower  and raise on a particular schedule which makes them most effective throughout  the year.  

Bottom Line 

When it comes to heat loss, glass is a poor insulator. Even though double-glazed  windows help in solving this issue, we still tend to lose an excessive amount of heat  through the windows. This leads to a drop in temperature and consequently our  heating/cooling costs are significantly higher in the winter, early spring, and autumn.  Window blinds solve this problem while offering your home an exceptionally stylish  look.

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