Dr. David Steenblock D.O. Uses the Forces of Nature to Heal Patients from Within

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Dr. David Steenblock, D.O. has revitalized thousands of patients with varied ailments by harnessing the product of natural anatomical processes: stem cells.

Born in rural Iowa and later building his practice in San Clemente, California, he has dedicated over forty years of his life and career to treatment research and development. “I am dedicated to solving medical mysteries in order to help my patients find an easier and healthier way of life.” he says from his private medical and research library which contains over 60,000 medical texts and millions of research papers - all of which he has read and studied.

Since graduating medical school in 1970, Dr. Steenblock has been practicing comprehensive medicine and pioneering stem cell research for a variety of ailments. His knack for innovation and quest to do “the greatest thing that hasn’t been done” has steadily carried the field of stem cell medicine forward. He began his career by identifying nervous system malfunctions, then transitioned to hyperbaric oxygen therapy, later coupling this with stem cell transplantation - a breakthrough that progressed his career monumentally.

In 2003, he introduced the concept of stem cell therapy for brain injuries during a lecture in Rostock, Germany, catapulting him into the untapped realm of regenerative medicine. 

Using this combination of hyperbaric oxygen and adult (non-embryonic) stem cell therapies in his Personal Regenerative Medicine clinic, Dr. Steenblock has pioneered a revolutionary path to recovery from Alzheimer’s, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s, stroke and traumatic brain injury that has been adopted by Stanford medical professionals and other institutions alike both nationally and internationally.

Aptly deemed the “Stroke Doctor,” Dr. Steenblock has treated over 2,000 stroke patients with this fusion of therapies, yielding overwhelmingly positive results that include increased body balance, strength, quickness and stability during movement. Testimonies of beyond-satisfied patients can be found on his many social media platforms, most aptly on Youtube where video views rack up into the hundreds of thousands.

To facilitate hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), one must be breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized environment, usually two to three times higher than normal air. HBOT increases the amount of oxygen that your blood can carry by adapting the body to the heightened pressure. As the lungs gather more oxygen, the blood distributes this surplus throughout the body and stimulates the production of growth factors and stem cells to promote healing.

Adult stem cells, which repair and expedite blood flow to the brain, are derived from bone marrow, peripheral blood, adipose tissue or the umbilical cord and are released during exercise. Their advantages are plentiful as they are easily obtainable, highly compatible with other regions of the body and can expand more rapidly than an embryonic stem cell can.

At his practice, Dr. Steenblock utilizes an FDA-approved, stem cell mobilizing drug called Neupogen to extricate senescent, dormant stem cells from the body. When administered five consecutive daily doses, the body’s bone marrow purges these aging cells and creates up to 10 times more healthy, active ones in their place. This is a testament to the plasticity of adult stem cells, able to generate lineages separate from their organ of origin.

Once a patient’s marrow is brimming with new, more active stem cells, Dr. Steenblock removes a small quantity to produce what is referred to as bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC), which is in turn administered back to the patient.

Through continued, extensive research, Dr. Steenblock also developed an all-natural supplement, Stemgevity. By taking three capsules daily, the body will optimize the growth and release of its own stem cells. This robust supplement, derived from the body’s own building block cells, provides regenerative healing in addition to mere pain relief, as well as a mood-stabilizing effect. The product, after seeing much success in the United States, has recently become available in places like Ghana and China. 

In October 2015, Dr. Steenblock received a prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award from the Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine on behalf of his work leading “to the betterment of mankind and the advancement of integrative medicine.” To this day, he and his team at Personal Regenerative Medicine move the field of medicine forward with high-quality, cutting-edge therapies.

Visit Personalized Regenerative Medicine or call 949-367-8870 to learn more about Dr. Steenblock’s unique multi-therapeutic approach to holistic healing.

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