How Online Learning is Helping Students Excel in Competitive Exams

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The COVID-19 pandemic and its economic and social ramifications will indubitably be felt for a long time to come. Education, in particular, is an area that appears to have been irrevocably reshaped by the catastrophe. While the peripheral role of technology has turned to pivotal, the popular mindset favouring traditional education, is also witnessing a sea change. As a result, acceptance towards online learning is growing. 

Although conventional classroom learning for Indian competitive exams - such as UPSC CSE, bank exams, State PSCs, IIT JEE, & NEET - stands indefinitely suspended due to the contagion, students and aspirants have not halted their preparations. Quite the contrary, many aspirants are taking the help of online learning platforms such as Unacademy in a big way, lapping up the benefits of its refreshingly new methods and approach. Here are five reasons elucidating how online learning is helping students prepare - and do exceedingly well - in competitive exams: 

Innovative & Engaging

Online education often involves learning through interactive videos, animation, infographics, and images that enliven the process of studying. This visual element brings additional clarity and simplifies complicated details, enabling students to form pictorial associations in their head. While online learning doesn’t take away the grinding work that preparation for competitive exams necessarily entails, the innovative techniques greatly improve students’ general understanding of concepts.


Since there is no time commitment or commute involved, digital learning enables a degree of flexibility classroom coaching never provided. Aspirants can attend classes, watch videos, and listen to lectures - live and recorded - anytime and anywhere as per their choice and convenience. This makes it especially helpful for working professionals, persons with family responsibilities, and those attempting multiple exams. 

Personal Attention

Every aspirant has a different level of understanding and area of weakness. A great benefit of online learning is that it enables students to seek one-on-one guidance from teachers. While this personal attention helps learners get instant resolutions to doubts, it simultaneously ensures that instructors identify individual strengths and work on eliminating weak spots.


The only expense incurred by the learner in online learning pertains to course subscriptions and internet connection, making it a pocket-friendly option for aspirants. Nowadays, online learning platforms offer combo packages - that include essential components like mock tests and study material - at prices far lower than those offered by traditional bricks and mortar coaching centres.

Tracking & Analysis

Analysing and tracking one’s learning progress online is much easier on e-learning platforms. Today, top online learning platforms like Unacademy offer mock tests, quizzes, personalized detailed feedback, and regular reviews, ensuring aspirants are able to efficiently evaluate their progress. Self-evaluation is the key to finding out how one’s preparation is shaping up, and virtual learning is immensely helpful in this regard.

While it may still not be perfect, online learning on educational technology platforms is constantly evolving to become better. With the plans of thousands of competitive exam aspirants thrown out of gear by the pandemic, it is online learning that has been diligently sustaining their efforts to ensure they excel in the impending exams, whenever they are held.

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