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Are you looking for a place to get your Food Safety Supervisor Certificate? Getting your certification has never been as convenient as we’ve made it, so you can get your certificate or renewal done within a matter of days.

Getting your Food Safety Supervisor Certificate is a fairly simple process. You apply to take coursework with an RTO, spend some time working in a live retail kitchen, and have someone credible from your workplace vouch for your practical skills. While the first two steps should be no trouble for any aspiring food and hospitality professional worth their salt that last one can be a bit of a problem.

The Problem

You see, every organization offering these courses will require that you have a coworker or supervisor fill out a Workplace Observation Report. Whether you’re in Townsville or Melbourne, Food Safety Supervisor courses will have you run after your supervisor, hounding them for signatures and documents you have to submit. It’s a tedious process is what we’re saying, and people on either end of the process would rather not have to go through it.

The Solution

The Australian Institute of Accreditation has developed a streamlined, paperless system that seeks to remove all of the unwieldy elements from the FSS certification process. Through a unique, in-house developed, LMS, and the ability of this LMS to accommodate and deliver educational content; we’ve engineered a hassle-free solution to getting your certification while sitting in front of a screen.  

Facilitating Oversight

The institute adopts a proactive approach to the improvement and enhancement of the solutions they offer. Given this operational philosophy, the systems and products provided by the Institute, as well as the service that goes along with them, all lend themselves to oversight and inquiry, allowing for unmatched adaptability and constant evolution. All these factors combined mean that patrons of the institute can expect the most relevant training, practices, and knowledge to be delivered to them seamlessly and effortlessly.

The AIA relies on the expertise of a team that is technically proficient in the fields of education and technology. This gives us confidence in our solutions, and a firm belief that they can cope with an atmosphere that favors digital learning and adaptability

Accreditation by the AIA is recognized throughout all states and territories of Australia, including New South Wales. For more information, please contact us via phone at 1-300-662-750, or via Facebook Messenger. You can find more details about the courses and services we offer on our website.

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