Why You Need A Car Accident Lawyer?

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As per widespread newspaper accounts, the number of Americans who have died in car accidents since 2000 surpasses those in the two world wars. This is excluding the everyday minor driving accidents which too end up in injuries. Car accidents can be attributed to high speed, running red lights, construction sites and potholes on streets where navigation becomes very troublesome and even to the overt usage of smartphones. “Distracted driving” is what occurs when drivers are so connected on the internet that they do not give enough heed to the road while driving. This holds as a chief cause of accidents in the US along with petty actions like applying make-up while driving. As per NHTSA, if while texting, a driver takes 5 seconds, it amounts to driving a football field at 55 miles per hour without looking at the road, which is insane.

Nashville Car Accident lawyer is important because being a victim of a distracted driver can be very disturbing. The number of losses become very upsetting. Along with the grieving death of a loved one, there can be serious physical injuries as well as the vehicle might be irreparably damaged. All of these amounts to hefty financial problems. Starting right from medical bills to physical and psychological therapy, to repairs, there can be utter despair. It is true that no amount of money can replace the intense trauma which the accident brings abruptly- emotional, psychic and definitely physical. However, as a matter of right, the victim can ask for proper compensation.

This is where the role of the accident lawyer plays in who can help the victim by defending his rights and achieve a point of restitution. 

  • During such grieving times when everything slips off emotionally, a lawyer is needed to remind one that he still is entitled to his rights and must call on them. 
  • The greatness of the lawyer is directly dependent on how well he reconciles the victim to his station before the loss, shapes his livelihood and seeks justice for the victim’s cause. 
  • This becomes particularly necessary because insurance companies are inhumanely cold even under such circumstances. They are always ready to blame the responsible party when one has no more strength to fight back. This not only deepens the victim’s pain but also elongates the procedure so much that the victim almost gives up on what is rightfully his. 
  • Car accident lawyers help the victim by fighting for his welfare relentlessly. 
  • So for monetary compensation as well as handling the legal jargon, law firms like Cummings Law Firm in Nashville become imperative. In fact, shrewd insurance companies immediately hatch a low settlement in the absence of an attorney. 
  • In certain cases, they may address the injury claims and instantly offer a quick amount of money like 500 to 2000 USD. The satisfied victim often fails to realise such an amount doesn’t encompass medical bills, personal loss, lost physique and wages. 
  • They might settle on giving medical treatment for a short term like 30 days when they are supposed to be providing every needed treatment that has been caused by the accident. 
  • In addition, an attorney should be consulted for the gathering of evidence before the insurance company can blatantly blame the driver for everything. This is because an aggressive insurance provider might record the victim’s acceptance of his sly offer and then block him out in consultation with an attorney subsequently. 

In case of minor injuries, taking a car accident attorney might not be financially beneficial but if the case yields to more than that, having an attorney indeed makes a big difference in the entire system. 

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