Why purchase blood diamonds when you can buy lab-grown diamonds

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Have you witnessed people purchasing mined diamonds rather than lab-grown diamonds? Indeed, you have come across many cases where couples preferably go for conventional diamond rings.

There are several reasons due to which mined diamonds are labeled as "Blood diamonds". On the flip side, lab diamonds are the best choice for your engagement ring.

·        Pocket-friendly. Price plays a crucial role in shopping. You need to pay higher prices against the quality material. When you have lab-created diamond UK in your access, there's no point to pay a high price for conventional diamonds

·        Good alternative. As they are created in the labs, quality is ensured with the physical and chemical properties of diamonds. They exactly look like mined diamonds and are available in various designs and shapes.

·        High-quality. Quality is ensured in the making process. You can the same quality as the diamond, making sure of physical and chemical properties. Based on different trending designs, you can get a variety of diamond shapes.

·        Environmental friendly. Lab-grown cause no environmental pollution, unlike mined diamonds, where 88000 to 176000 pounds of dirt is removed to find 1 carat of diamond. Imagine how much pollution it creates to intensify health risks.

Once you have known the perks of buying lab-grown diamonds, you might be wondering about why not purchase blood diamonds.

Let's dive deeper into the reasons that emphasize buying alternatives to a mined diamond.

1.    Violence

Although the violence due to wars has been ended, yet many cases give rise to severe problems. Wars have been started over the mining areas, leading to brutal killing and bloodshed at the upper level.  Africa is a land of resources have constantly been mining to get diamond and other metals. Mining causes several problems.

·        Child labor. Poor families send their children to the mining site to earn kitchen income. People are living below the poverty line.

·        Torture. Many torture cases have been reported at the mining sites.


2.    The exploitation of the workers’ rights

The mainstream mining industry exploits the workers, i.e., delayed wages, mental torture, and assault. This is because mined diamonds are the ultimate purpose of mining. African people have to be paid less than one dollar against bone-breaking work all day long.

It paves the way for poverty even after working hard at risky places. Diamond diggers suffer from many diseases that led them to early death. There are no safety equipment and proper digging tools. Usually, without any training, workers start digging diamonds and end up losing their lives.

3.    Environmental risks

The ecosystem is seriously affected at the mining sites. The atmosphere is polluted with dangerous gases that lead to animals' deaths, but humans also suffer from hazardous effects. Heavy machinery operates at the site, and its smoke pollutes the environment. No chances of healthy life.

There is no proper treatment for the workers. The population nearby the mining sites is badly affected. There are several health risks during mining. On the other hand, lab-grown diamonds are prepared in a safe environment. There are no chances of human rights violations.

Therefore, there's a dire need to shift to lab-grown diamonds avoiding any conflicts. Due to the reasons mentioned above, Mined diamonds are considered blood diamonds because of the brutal killings for ownership of mining areas.

Let’s discuss the disadvantages of purchasing mined diamonds

·       Expensive

It's important to discuss one of the main concerns regarding diamonds, i.e., price. When there is heavy machinery with loads of energy consumption, the prices will go higher automatically. The mining process takes "Big money" to extract diamonds.

Due to the high costs, the mined diamonds are available at higher prices. Even if you purchase a mined diamond ring, the prices are comparatively higher. Here lab created diamond uk is the best alternative against lower prices.

Unethically sourced

We have discussed the disadvantages of the mining process that clearly depict that mined diamond is unethically sourced, causing conflicts and human rights violations.

There are several health risks due to unavoidable accidents. The environment is severely pollution that causes another big problem for the ecosystem. One ownership of mining sites, chances of a massacre, and even conflict turn to wars among the different nations.

Old shapes

You cannot get your desired shapes out of mined shapes even they are refined after extracting from the soil. Diamond sellers have a limited collection of the mined diamond rings. Man-made diamonds uk are the best choice when it comes to custom designs.

In this era of modernism, the conventional ring styles are not used anymore. Couples are likely to go for a custom design that they can get only from lab-grown diamond rings.

To wrap up

Mined diamonds are named blood diamonds due to a variety of reasons. i.e., conflicts, environmental effects, and violation of human rights.

Workers are heavily exploited by offering low wages. It's unwise to go for mind diamond ring even after knowing its impacts on society. They must be prohibited and go for alternatives for lower prices.

If you’re getting engaged, go for lab-created diamonds uk rings.

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