What Do Personal Injury Lawyers In New York Do?

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Unknown to many, personal injury is one of the leading causes of hospitalization and death in New York for all age groups. According to the Department of HealthLinks to an external site., over 155,000 New Yorkers suffer severe personal injuries that require hospitalization, while over 1.5 million individuals are treated for minor injuries annually.

It would be ideal to hire an experienced personal injury attorney to handle your compensation claim in case of a personal injury. Some of the services you get by hiring the right personal injury lawyers New YorkLinks to an external site. include the following:

  1. Investigate Claims

Generally speaking, personal injury attorneys in New York get paid on a contingency feeLinks to an external site. basis after securing a jury verdict or settlement. They investigate the merits and demerits of the case they are handling to ensure they have a strong chance at trial. Your lawyer will never take on a case they don’t believe they will win.

  1. Gather Evidence

Once they have investigated your claims, a personal injury lawyer starts to gather relevant evidence that supports your claims. They gather evidence by procuring an incident or police report, tracking down witnesses, and recording witness statements. The sole purpose of gathering evidence is to establish liability for the cause and extent of your injuries.

  1. Send Demand Letters

After collecting enough evidence, personal injury attorneys draft and send a demand letter to the defendant. This demand letter clearly states the circumstances and facts of your injury and demands compensation for the harm caused according to the personal injury lawLinks to an external site.. The defendant can agree to pay the sum indicated in the letter or request to negotiate.

  1. Negotiate With the Defendant  

Personal injury lawyers in New York negotiate with the defendant to ensure you’re adequately compensated. They negotiate better terms by reviewing the policy details and determining the optimum compensation you’re entitled to. Additionally, your attorney handles all the communication with the defendant to ensure you don’t jeopardize your claim.

  1. Prepare Pleadings

If the compensation negotiations fail to bear fruit, your injury lawyer prepares a legal complaint against the appropriate defendant. The pleadings sets out all the legal arguments on why the defendant is solely responsible for the injury and states the sum of money you’re seeking. The defendant typically has a 30 days windowLinks to an external site. to answer the pleadings.

  1. Trial Representation

Once the defendant receives the complaint, they can initiate a discovery process through their lawyer, ask for any clarification, or depose witnesses or parties. Your attorney is responsible for providing you with requisite court representation if your case proceeds to trial. The attorneys are better placed to represent you at trial since they know the court procedures and customs.


A personal injury lawyer in New York does more than represent you in a trial to ensure you get justice. It’s essential to choose the right attorney whenever you suffer a personal injury caused by a third party since they can draw on the necessary resources.


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