How to Make Your Crystals Look Amazing

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Unique crystals should be used to remove any negative energy that may have been left behind by previous owners, depending on where you obtained them. But there is also a question about how to make your crystals look amazing.

Adding healing crystals to your self-care routine is a terrific idea. They can bring vitality to your home, warn you of your financial goals, and help you attract love—but they won't do it all in one fell swoop.

Before crystals can function for you, you must personalize them and "program" them with a specific objective. To make your crystals look unique, you need to clear, program, and carefully store them to keep them active and ready to use.

Here are the ways how you make your crystals look amazing:

Wash your crystal 

Clearing your crystal buddy can be done in a variety of ways. Attempt washing your crystals to make them look amazing whenever someone else has touched them to remove their energetic signature. It's a good idea to cleanse an ancient crystal if you locate one that's been languishing in obscurity for some time. It doesn't matter which one you choose; they're all effective.

Wash by sea salt or water 

Remove unwanted energy from your stone using sea salt and water. You can use sea salt if the stone is not fragile. Because saltwater can erode porous rocks, such as hematite and pyrite, you don't want to put them in salt water. Add dried sage, basil, or lavender to the bathwater to improve its cleansing properties.

Cleaning your crystal while submerged in running water also works wonders. Then, request the Universe to eliminate all of its negative while doing so. Cleansing the stone and infusing it with wisdom are two of my favorite things to do.

Moonlight bath

Carnelian and clear quartz, two crystals linked with purification, are said to be able to purify other crystals. Stack these crystals on top of any crystal that requires cleansing, or carry them all in one bag while you travel. Please make sure they are under the full moon. Make sure to lay any crystals you'd like to purify on your windowsill during the next full moon.

Water that the light of the full moon has changed. As the name suggests, it is known as "moon water." To achieve your goals, you can use visualization. Your eyes and imagine a ray of purifying light flowing over your crystal the next time it needs a refresh.

Polish your crystals

Using vinegar, polish the crystal. When you're done with the crystal, use a cotton swab that has been soaked in white vinegar to wipe down each faceted side. Follow each wet swab stroke with a dry swab to eliminate the surplus liquid. Water spots can be removed using this method.

How to set up a crystal

It is possible to connect with the energy of your stone and rediscover your sense of purpose, even though crystals are thought to have inherent therapeutic abilities. While meditating, you may like to hold the stone in your hand or place it on your third eye. The stone can also be placed on the chakra or body part you wish to work on while you relax.

Visualize the stone's energy melding with your own. Ask the stone for help with your current project, whether you're speaking to sit silently or speaking to it orally. Pay your gratitude to the rock, and then go into meditation for a few minutes.

Your stone may benefit from an energy activation if it appears to be heavier than usual or has lost its luster. To give it some of your vitality, speak to it, sing to it, or breathe life power into it. A small amount of interaction can have a significant impact!

What is the importance of crystals?

Crystals are popular to relax the body, the mind, and the spirit. The idea that crystals work energetically and disseminate natural vibrations throughout the Universe is popular among crystal mystics.

Before a purchase is made, crystals often travel considerable distances from their source to the vendor. With each change, you expose the stone to energies that may not be in harmony with your own. This stone's healing properties include either absorbing or redirecting negative energy. You can only restore crystals to their natural state is to cleansing and recharging them regularly to make them look amazing. This kind of deed may reenergize your feeling of purpose as well.


Crystals are powerful tools, but people want to know how to make your crystal look amazing. In this article, you will find your answer. Maintaining your crystals is an act of self-care. You are letting go of energy that doesn't align with our values and intentions therapeutically and calmly. Practicing mindfulness in your connections with the stones and others becomes easier when you take care of your crystal.

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