Why do Students in the East of England Earn the Most Compared to the Rest?

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A question that most people ask themselves but never find an answer to is how better and how much they can earn in England. 

The average salary in the UK is £31,500 per year, and this is a gross figure which means that it is the amount which people are supposed to get before tax and other deductions. We are sure that you will agree that this is not a big number, especially if it doesn't include deductions. 

But the pay greatly varies from job to job. Suppose someone works as a restaurant server, then they will earn less than an office worker. However, students are the ones who get the most affected because of low wages also there is no doubt to stand out in a crowd with your flawless and impactful dissertation material, UK's most recommended dissertation help is always available with range of expert.

Students working part-time in England

Since students can only work part-time, they earn even less than a full-time restaurant worker. The part-time minimum wage is £112 per week, but most of the time, students get to take home around £200 (from tips and bonuses). However, in the East part of England, the students are able to make the most from their part-time jobs as the minimum wage is almost £131 on average, and it can go up with tips and bonuses.

Students who live and study in Scotland are more likely to work and earn to bear the expenses of their necessities and education; around 67% of students work there. But, students of East England and Midlands have a smaller number of working students, only 44% part-time student workers.

Lower wages make it hard for students to make ends meet.

Since this wage is too low to fulfil all the requirements of students like paying for university, debts, food and clothing, etc., students have to take help from their parents, savings, government grants, etc., to make ends meet. For such problems the trustworthy and extremely efficient service is do my assignment to get a high-quality assignment before the deadline with attractive flat 30% discount for students.

Part-time work is the most preferred option for almost all students, but girls take up 20% more part-time jobs than boys and work almost 18 hours every week. Eighteen hours per week are an average working time for students. But the ones living in East England only have to work 15 hours per week. This is the lowest number of working hours per week. 

The students of East England earn well by working fewer hours per week. 

The taxes eat a big chunk of students' hard-earned wages.

But the issue is that even the part-time workers have to pay tax just like full-time workers through their salary. Almost 20% of their yearly salary goes to taxes, which isn't fair to them as their salary is already too low. 

The students who only work during holidays don't have to pay the taxes, but they also can't earn more than the tax threshold, which is £5,225. 

Companies that pay handsomely in East England

A few companies in the East of England pay high wages to part-time workers. And since most students work part-time, they get good salaries. So, let's look at some companies that keep their employees happy.

Five top-paying East England companies


Roche is a healthcare giant in the East side of England that uses modern science, insights, and precise data to make the patient's medical experience better in a more personalized way. At Roche, they believe in good business, which leads to a better world. 


This family-owned jewellery business is famous for making its customers and employees happy. They have a passion for making the jewellery-related dreams of their clients come true.


Since university and high schoolers are more interested in games and the arcade world, Camelot is the perfect place for them to work part-time. It is a UK-based fast-growing company loved by kids and adults alike. These fast-moving games business is making history via its innovative games.

East Anglian Air Ambulance

Having an emergency ambulance and medical services is one of the essential services that any place needs. The East Anglian Air Ambulance makes it possible for people in dire need to reach hospitals in time. This company is ideal for students who are studying medicine at their colleges.


One of the largest independent vehicle retailers of East England has always kept its doors open to hiring new recruits. They are big on selling new and slightly used vehicles all over the UK from the biggest and most reliable motor brands. Students from mechanical and automotive engineering are more than welcome to work with them. 


These were some of the highest paying companies operating in East UK. If you are lucky enough to be studying in that part of the country, then try your luck by applying to these companies' part-time positions.


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