How You Can Support Israel When Living on a College Campus Where there is Loads of Hate

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We live in a world where people spread hate in the disguise of free speech. Hate speech is frequently protected under college free speech policies since it isn't regarded as a "real threat," meaning it doesn't affect a specific person. However, as a college student living on a campus with a lot of anti-Semitism, it might be difficult to know how to cope with anti-Semitism while still supporting Israel. 

If you find yourself in a scenario where the professor or other students debate about Israel, we don't recommend answering right away, even if you want to. Consider when a more effective reaction could be appropriate.

Contact your college's management to discuss your alternatives. You can also schedule an appointment with the professor if you believe he or she is approachable to calmly address the offense.

Here are some other ways to show your support:

Social Media Action

Nearly every part of the globe has been affected by hate incidents. With roughly a half of the world's population using Facebook alone, much of the globe now communicates through social networks. Experts have warned that as more people go online, people prone to discrimination, sexism, or homophobia have found areas that might reinforce their beliefs and provoke violence.

However, you can use social media and take action on social media with like-minded people who talk about love and support for the Israeli community. By joining the right communities, you can ensure to leave comments and send likes as much as you can. You can also encourage positivity and even post something beautiful yourself.

It is equally important to understand how to respond to anti-Israel posts/ messages on social media. Since turning a blind eye to the situation won't resolve the problem, it is essential to partake in the conversations and turn them into positive directions. Know your facts before you post them; however, if you see the comment section flooded with negativity and online trolls, we don't recommend wasting your time there – in such a situation, it would be better to report the online trolls.


A letter is a powerful way to show that Israel is not alone and that the world cares about their wellbeing and safety. While you can donate to Israeli charities, you can also write to families that live in Israel. You certainly have friends who live in Israel; writing to them is a strong indicator that you are concerned about their mental and physical wellbeing. With so much hate, they will never forget this gesture of kindness that your letters or emails will convey. They will know that they are loved and cared for and have a strong support system standing with them and keeping them in their prayers and thoughts.

Organize Prayers

Prayers are always a powerful way to indicate that you care about someone/ something. We might be vocal about issues, but the greatest gift we can give to someone is through prayers. You can organize prayer services with your mates and perhaps record the prayer service and send short clips out to Israel's affected people/ community. By organizing prayer services, you can also raise awareness about Israel's situation and include other people in the prayers.  

Stay Updated

Join social media and stay updated about all current happenings worldwide, including Israel. In today's world, staying updated is crucial – it will help you make important decisions instead of blindly following anyone. While staying updated about the contemporary world's happenings, you will build yourself as a knowledgeable person and then actively partake in debates and raise your voice for the right cause.

Social media tells a lot about others' opinions, and mind you; you will encounter much hate online; however, you can join online support communities and groups and talk to people who share a similar mindset. Don't let hate comments and negative public rants affect your mental health.

Besides, keeping yourself with positivity and support is as important as staying updated. You will want to know about what's happening in different parts of the world, but you won't allow the negativity to impact your mental health. Your current knowledge will help you make the right decisions, and you will know who is supportive of peace and love.

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