"Positive impact of functional maths on your future career"

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Maths is a vital skill for success in both academic and professional settings.

 Functional skills maths, offered through City and Guilds, can help you develop your mathematical abilities to a high level of proficiency. 

Functional skills maths courses are perfect if you need to brush up on your basic maths skills or want to gain an in-depth understanding of more advanced topics. Whatever your needs, City and Guilds functional skills can provide the perfect maths course for you.

Mathematical skills are vital in both academic and professional settings, from studying science to calculating your taxes. But functional maths is more than just a requirement for academic success: it can improve your problem-solving ability and strengthen your career prospects. Here we describe the positive impact of functional maths on your future career.

Difficulty solving problems

Functional maths teaches you how to use general rules to solve problems. This means that once you learn the process, you can apply it to any similar problem; instead of using trial and error, you can work systematically through different solutions. Learning functional maths helps improve your reaction time when faced with a new task or question, helping you complete tasks more quickly overall. No matter how much or what type of maths you want to learn, functional maths can help you achieve your goals.

Improve ability to work with numbers

Functional maths teaches you the core concepts of working with numbers, even when they are in unfamiliar combinations. This knowledge helps when working with large data sets where it is necessary to be able to find patterns between numbers and spot outliers. Understanding the basics of functional maths helps you deal with numbers more confidently, so you can ask for help if you need it and spend less time double-checking your work.

Add value to your CV

Functional maths qualifications are a valuable addition to your CV. Functional maths courses teach logical thinking and reasoning, skills that are highly sought after by employers. Functional maths qualifications show graduate recruiters that you not only have the necessary knowledge to do your job, but also know how to apply it in practice.

Boost earnings potential

The value of functional maths is not limited to what it can do for your CV. Higher numerical skills lead to higher earnings, even at a basic level. For example, someone with A-level or equivalent functional maths and GCSE mathematics and English has an average starting salary of £22,545. This is higher than the average for all employees (£18,868). Functional maths qualifications help you develop the skills to succeed in your chosen career path.

Recognised by employers

Functional maths qualifications are a recognised benchmark of academic ability throughout the UK. Functional maths courses have

been developed to equip you with a comprehensive understanding of mathematical principles and concepts, as well as their application in practice. You can choose from functional maths courses for personal interest or career development, depending on your goals. Functional maths qualifications prove that you have the ability to think logically and work with numbers, skills that are highly sought after by employers.

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