Entrepreneur Shawn Finnegan from Utah Reveals His Winning Business Priciples

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Shawn Finnegan is a serial businessman with a deep grasp of the process of building a successful business. He is also very innovative within the businesses he has run in the past. He recently spoke about his business strategies.

Shawn Finnegan shared his positive attitude towards business and how it has led to his successes in a variety of ventures that were entrepreneurial. He said that being willing to face challenges and embracing this attitude will allow you to overcome any obstacle. Success in business is more about people rather than the systems and processes.

Shawn believes that a trend of the moment is for founders and CEOs to connect with each other to build real connections. Shawn's positive business philosophy contained three fundamental tenets that he emphasized:

Respecting People for Who They Are

Shawn discovered early on that success doesn't depend on him being the sole goal. Shawn was taught early on that people had to be the main focus of all he did. He explained that being deeply concerned about his employees and helping them improve their abilities and helping them deliver exceptional customer service have always yielded dividends. This has allowed him to overcome the numerous challenges that come with creating and growing a business.

"People are to be treated with respect and appreciated, and all of the companies I've created, as well as my coworkers (colleagues and customers), are treated as the important individuals they are."

Customers are True Assets

Shawn believes that customer service in the United States is an art that is dying. He opted to be transparent and available to his team instead of taking the easier route. He helps clients feel comfortable with him, allowing them to be able to approach him as mentors and trusted advisors.

"I am a firm believer in working alongside others and respecting each other. I am also committed to helping people achieve their work in the organization. You can count on me to help them align their values and goals, as well as what they would like to accomplish in their career development, and how we can be the best in serving our customers."

Establishing Relationships to Lower Turnover

Shawn told us that business owners should concentrate on decreasing turnover and the issues that go with it. This can be accomplished by focusing on the importance of people and establishing an environment that values the employees as well as customers.

"Respect for the people is the most crucial factor to consider in any business partnership."

More About Shawn Finnegan from Utah

A serial businessman, has a wealth of experience in business due to his tried and true method of building a relationship-oriented business. This is the consequence of his belief that individuals are valued in every aspect of their jobs. Shawn is considered to be an industry leader and it is likely that he will remain at the forefront for many years to be.

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