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Amazon, over the years, has developed this fantastic cloud platform AWS (Amazon Web Services), to render its services to its customers across the globe. Beginning in the early 2000s, Amazon has come a long way in establishing world-class cloud services platforms. Basically, Amazon provides on-the-demand cloud services to individuals, groups, organizations, and governments. A cloud is basically a cluster of computers dedicated to store software, data & process them on request 24/7. The Cloud's task is to provide storage & processing services to multiple users of various capacities 24/7 & 365 days. And AWS (Amazon Web Services) is leading in this sector. The other famous companies offering cloud services are Microsoft & Google.

Further, many software engineers are shifting to AWS as it offers a lucrative career. And also, a software engineer grows as a professional in a reputed organization like Amazon. There are many institutions which provide online & offline AWS course and out of them the most famous institution is Intellipaat. The curriculum includes AWS Cloud, EC2, IAM, Lambda, Redshift, CloudTrail, FSx, and Global Accelerator.  

What is cloud computing?

Basically, Cloud Computing is the delivery of Information Technology (IT) resources such as servers, datacenters & computing over the internet & according to the demand. Specifically, cloud computing's motive is to cut the IT costs of a company that largely depends on the IT Infrastructure. In simple terms, it can be said that instead of purchasing, owning & maintaining servers & data centers, computing power, data storage can be outsourced on an as-needed basis from a Cloud computing company. In this type of setup, you basically need to pay to the cloud companies only as much as you use the resources. And most of the cloud computing courses teach the deploying of cloud services at various stages. Most popular companies like Netflix, Facebook, Xerox, Apple, Pinterest, etc., use cloud services. Basically, organizations of all types, sizes & types are using cloud services. 

Types of cloud computing

  • IaaS

Infrastructure as a Service. In this type of cloud service, you get access to the IT infrastructure required for a company to operate. Basically, you get networking, computer hardware & database facilities. Moreover, IaaS gives you reliable & flexible control over your IT resources.

  • PaaS

Platform as a Service. This type of Cloud allows you to shift your focus from management of the underlying IT infrastructure to the deployment & management of your applications.

  • SaaS

Software as a Service. Basically, in this cloud service type, the complete product is run & managed by the cloud service provider. Moreover, as a client, you need to focus on how to use the application.

Benefits of using AWS Cloud Services


By using AWS, you can implement almost any practical thought into reality. And it is because AWS gives access to a broad range of technologies that you can use to build almost anything you imagine.   


Basically, AWS follows a pay-as-you-go system. So you can expand & shrink the resources you want. Thus AWS provides elasticity.


The main motive of AWS is to help their clients save costs. When you use the resources of AWS, you are basically saving on the servers & data centers. 


The AWS cloud centers are located across the globe. So as a customer of Amazon, you use the Cloud at the most appropriate location.

Prerequisites for learning AWS

Basically, you need to be in the software profession if you are looking to make an AWS career. And being a software professional, you are required to have good knowledge of the following:

  • Operating Systems
  • Virtualization
  • Networking
  • Programming Languages

Various AWS Roles

  • Architect

Basically, a cloud architect is the one who converts the technical requirements of a project into an architectural design that will employ the final product. And the cloud architects are also responsible for simplifying complex business problems into simpler solutions.

  • Cloud Practitioner

Specifically, a cloud practitioner is the one who has the necessary knowledge & skills required for the demonstration of the entire AWS cloud. Moreover, this is considered as the fundamental certification to build a career in AWS.

  • AWS Developer 

An AWS developer is the one who sets up, maintains & evolves the cloud infrastructure of the web applications. Moreover, they are expected to have a great understanding of the core AWS services. And they are also responsible for security & scalability operations.

  • DevOps Engineer

Basically, there is an exam for the AWS practitioners who have had experience of two to three years working in the AWS environment. Further, a DevOps Engineer is expected to introduce processes, tools & methodologies in the software development cycle. They are also responsible for the coding & deployment of the software.

    • Business Decision Maker

These are the AWS professionals who apply Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning Algorithms & Principles to improve the decisions of the organizations.

  • Data Platform Engineer

Basically, these are the professionals who apply advanced Machine Learning Algorithms & perform various AWS tasks.

  • Data Scientist

As the name suggests, they are data scientists & deal with data. They apply all the statistics, probabilities, mathematical models & programming languages to infer valuable information from the vast amount of data.

  • Developer

They are software developers who implement ML & AI algorithms to tools & applications.

  • Operations

These are the AWS engineers who specialize in the creation & implementation of types of clouds such as SaaS, IaaS & PaaS.


Finally, we can conclude by saying that AWS is a great career to start. Moreover, it can boost the job of a Software Engineer to a great extent. And Amazon would be a great company to work with. Basically, there are many roles in AWS. As mentioned above, they are Architect, DevOps Engineer, Cloud Practitioner, AWS Developer.

Furthermore, various institutes offer certifications in AWS. And some of them are Simplilearn, Intellipat, and Edureka. So if you are someone looking to make a career in AWS, then you are thinking right!

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