What Are Extracts and Why Are They So Popular?

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When looking through an online store that sells Kratom products, you will find extracts to be one of the top sellers. If you have never tried extracts or other Kratom products, you may need to do some research first to understand how the different products differ from one another. As extracts tend to be more potent forms of powders, it can get confusing once you start looking at the different strains and formats available. 

It is best to look at the plant in general and how the products are derived if you want to get started on the right foot. While the different products have varying effects, they all come from the same tree, mitragyna speciosa.

Mitragyna Speciosa

The mitragyna speciosa is a tree that grows deep in rainforests throughout Southeast Asia. Thailand, Malaysia, and Bali are all places where you can find this tropical evergreen as they are home to moist and hot jungles near salt seawater and mineral-infused volcanic soil. Due to these unique conditions, the mitragyna speciosa tree can thrive tremendously in this environment, making it home to various family-run Kratom farms. 

The mitragyna speciosa tree is a member of the Rubiaceae family of plants, which is also the same family of plants as coffee and several other medicinal herbs. When looking at the mitragyna speciosa tree, it is the leaves that are the base of all Kratom products. These leaves have alkaloids known as mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, along with nearly 41 other active compounds. As the leaves mature, their veins change color. It is the vein colors that are used to determine the different strains you will see for sale. 

When it comes to Kratom use, indigenous populations throughout the rural areas of Southeast Asia first made claims about its therapeutic potential. For hundreds of years, they would harvest the leaves, chew on them, and brew tea in the hope of alleviating stress, improving focus, and warding off bodily pains. While they claimed it was a useful medicinal herb, the research backing their claims is minimal. For this reason, Kratom is currently only available for research purposes in the U.S.

Processing Kratom For The Market

One of the main reasons Kratom has seen increased publicity is because of the sustainable nature of its farming. Unlike some of the other cash crops that operate throughout Southeast Asia, such as palm oil and timber, Kratom farms do not harm the surrounding rainforest, and they do not require the entire tree to be ripped from the ground. Rather than taking a full Kratom tree out of the ground, the leaves are plucked individually. These leaves, after they are picked, are dried and then ground into a powder. The powder is the raw Kratom product sold nearly everywhere, whereas the extracts are more concentrated versions of the powder. After it is ground and into a powder, it is shipped to providers worldwide in airtight containers.

In most cases, the Kratom provider or vendor will do the further processing into the extract. The extract's main purpose is to harness the active compounds. Through specific processes, the powder can become more concentrated. In most cases, there are two types of extracts one is a liquid extract, which involves him using ethanol, whereas the second one is also a powder.

To create the liquid extract, the Kratom powder is combined with the ethanol. Once the Kratom powder has sat in the ethanol for the prescribed amount of time, the now inert plant material is removed. What is left behind is a highly concentrated product that includes the plant's active compounds and none of the inactive compounds.

This now concentrated ethanol substance is left to sit. As the solvent disappears, the remaining Kratom becomes more potent. In some cases, this will then be further dried and returned into a powder form. A reputable vendor will ensure that this product is lab tested before they seal it in an airtight package and ship it to customers. In most cases, you will see a denotation on the label signifying the product's concentration. This labeling can help you differentiate between the powders and the extracts.

Why Do People Choose Extracts Over Powders?

In most cases, extracts are chosen by Kratom enthusiasts. If you're new to Kratom, it is best to start with the less potent powders and feel how they affect your research. Once you feel comfortable with these products, you can move on to the extracts as they offer a more concentrated experience. For some of the other reasons why Kratom is so popular, check out the list below:

  • You get more potency with less product
  • The concentrated product eliminates variables that would be present when using a powder that contains inactive compounds
  • Depending on the dealer you choose, extracts may offer you a discount as they are more potent and you do not have to buy as much.
  • As these are more concentrated by volume and you will be buying less, they will take up less space in your home.

Choose A Trustworthy Supplier

When you choose a trustworthy supplier, you can count that the product will be high quality, and you won't be dealing with inconsistency. It also prevents you from getting a product that has not been lab-tested. 

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