How‌ ‌Can‌ ‌Students‌ ‌Stay‌ ‌in‌ ‌Good‌ ‌Shape‌ ‌During‌ ‌Quarantine?‌ ‌

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With an outbreak of novel COVID-19, the lives of millions of people changed abruptly. Since the coronavirus transformed virtually every aspect of one’s life, the question of physical shape remained while staying at home remained vital. For that sole reason, thousands of new Google queries emerged on how students can stay fit while on lockdown.

Dozens of workout programs for lockdown times aimed to encourage schoolers to remain active, even when the situation across the globe transformed considerably. While the World Health Organization recommends practicing at least two or three hours of moderate exercise, weekly, the lockdown conditions are reminded about the importance of being fit. So, we’ve done our best to compile all the most effective approaches for schoolers to stay physically fit while on lockdown.


         Even though you might have got used to your gym or workout sessions, yoga is a top-notch training suitable for both mentally therapeutic and physical purposes. In case you’ve not tried yoga before, there are countless ways on how to start and benefit from it, even starting from the first few classes. Decent news about yoga is that it takes almost no effort to start, nor it requires expensive equipment or considerable physical preparation.

Luckily for students, in order to stay active, a dazzling array of yoga classes are available. Some of the most popular YouTube channels even released specialized videos that don’t take much time to start, even for newbies. All you should know about yoga is that this exercise is a perfect approach for stretching, flexibility, and strengthening your muscles. In our opinion, each healthy student on lockdown should try yoga at least once since it is a top-notch way to keep your body organized and active, alongside building a healthy habit.

Online Workout Lessons

One of the greatest activities undergrads can try out during lockdown is an online workout. In case you’re wondering how to find a fine approach to staying active, online fitness is among the greatest approaches. Like it or not, but your body doesn’t require considerable weights nor high-intensity sessions. For most schoolers, maintaining physical fitness is not about tremendous weights, after all.

Since there are countless apps for mobile devices designed exclusively for physical health, it is one of the best ways to stay integral with your physical well-being. Be sure to browse through countless fitness apps on your phone, or consider subscribing to YouTube channels with a focus on fitness.

What is more, even moderate training conducted regularly is a top-notch decision for schoolers during the lockdown. Even if you’re forced to be at home, dedicate specialized hours for your training. Be confident that even an online workout requires time-management and maintaining your well-being.

Remember about Mental Health

Unfortunately, most people overlook the importance of mental health during a lockdown. When the situation started getting worse, with quarantine April measures, most schoolers started to pay attention to the physical side of things. Yet, COVID-19 brought a wide range of challenges associated with mental problems. For that reason, even if you’re prone to do fitness and work hard to reach the desirable results, forgetting about mental well-being is unwise.

Try combining your efforts on group fitness sessions available via Zoom and Google Meet with real-life communication. Vital recommendations might also be related to being conscious while browning social media services. Do your best to differentiate fake news from the verified statistics on coronavirus, coupled with avoiding panic in any form. Be at home, be careful with your mental well-being, and don’t miss a chance to breathe fresh air, whenever possible.

Have a Pet? Go for a walk!

While social distancing rules should be remembered by all schoolers, it is virtually impossible to omit streets, backyards, and squares. In case you have a pet, a dog, for instance, take it for a walk at least two times a day. Being at home all the time is unhealthy for your organism. Even though coronavirus made it impossible to interact with other people the same way you used to do it before, having a pet is a real advantage on a lockdown.

Take your dog for frequent walks, or even throw a ball around a backyard, if you have one. Not only this approach would allow spending more time with your four-legged friend, but it can also boost your well-being. Yet, if you just made up your mind to go for a walk with a dog, don’t forget about wearing a mask and exclude yourself from crowded places, including parks.

How about Household Chores?

Like it or not, but most household chores are active in their essence. These activities, including vacuuming, dusting, maintenance of your backyard, or sweeping, can keep on your track. Even though one might consider these facilities low impact in terms of your organism, frequent participation in household chores can keep your physical well-being on just the right track. Undoubtedly, most people, including schoolers, have become lazier on a lockdown.

The next time your parents or siblings would be thinking about household chores, consider volunteering. Not only will you make your home cleaner, but also have an active day with your closest ones. As an alternative, try washing your car or dress up your room, making it a top place to spend your free time. With such an abundance of household chores that require active engagement and physical activity, try yourself in these activities.


So, even if you are at home, during a lockdown, dozens of physical activities are available. In case you’re overwhelmed with what to start, try yourself in yoga, workout, walking with your pet, and doing household chores. Although there are countless other approaches to be fit during coronavirus times, the mentioned ones can be good for all schoolers. An important thing worth mentioning is to track your mental well-being, which requires lots of confidence and patience in the long run. When it comes to being fit, you can do so even at home, alongside maintaining your mental well-being. We can only wish you the best of luck and keep a regular schedule. Don’t miss your workout!


This article was written by Martha Knights, a professional tutor, primarily working with PapersOwl. Before becoming a full-fledged tutor, Martha was working as a fitness instructor and trainer. What is more, she was also working on dozens of research articles on the respective subject matter. Her in-depth expertise in the subjects of well-being is now used by schoolers working with Martha on a PapersOwl website, where she is a tutor.

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