6 Key Factors When Choosing a Reliable Savings Account

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When we talk about savings account, it’s not only for saving purposes. Opening an account brings more benefits—such as emergency funds wallet, cashless transactions, and grow interest rates. 

Before you choose the best savings account, it would be best if you had researched about the bank and know if it meets your needs and preferences. As you read on, you will learn the key factors when choosing a reliable savings account. 

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  • Free from Monthly Fee 

Some banks are asking for monthly fee to keep your account open. You have to keep a maintaining balance to avoid it from closing. Moreover, banks charge $5 or more when you don’t have keep the minimum amount of funds. 

Choose a bank with zero monthly fee and doesn’t incur charges when you go dip too low in your financial status. It will be worth the search once you find one! 

  • Higher Interest Rate

Mostly, banks offer a little interest rate to your saved funds. Never expect that your money will grow big after a year. On the other hand, some banks are offering larger amount of interest rates. If you find one, then grab it immediately. 

  • No Minimum Deposit  

Several well-known banks require minimum deposit for opening your bank account. Nonetheless, your purpose of opening account is to put money in it. Usually, the deposit starts from $25. 

However, if you don’t like the idea of minimum opening deposit, then you might want to opt with online-only banks. In this case, you have to be extra-careful to keep your data secured and safe. 

  • More ATM Machines 

One of your purposes of opening account is surely for convenience. So, you should make sure that the bank has ATM machines in different areas, so that when you need to withdraw, you can do it wherever you are and whenever you want. 

Ask the bank for the withdrawal policies. Some banks have monthly withdrawal limit. So, this is the matter you want to make things clear before opening an account. 

  • Advance Features  

See if the bank has online banking features, including the mobile check deposits. As soon as you get your paycheck, all you have to do is to take a picture of the front and back, and send it to your savings account. 

However, its privacy protection is still under research and investigation. But it is vital that your prospective bank is keeping the pace with the latest features. 

  • Automatic Deposit to Your Savings Account  

Having an automatic deposit feature will help you to save money from going to bank and paying fee for every transfer. In this case, you need to search for a bank that doesn’t charge for automatic deposit from your checking to your savings account. 

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