What kind of content will beat the Instagram algorithm and get more views?

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Are you worried about Instagram views? If yes, then you will get a solution to this problem in a few minutes. Instagram is a trendy tool. I heard somewhere that Instagram doesn't help to grow a business. But this isn't the right theory. If we look around, we can see people who spend hours watching videos and photos on Instagram. Apart from this, there are thousands of Instagram influencers who are earning at this platform. Lots of views on Instagram stories show a success. As a result, notable brands can approach you to promote their products. 

The ultimate guide to beat Instagram's algorithm:

Instagram is a vast platform, and the results are big enough to grab attention. There are more than 1.66 billion people who join this online social platform every day. We should invest time here to increase Instagram views; then, we can convert this into an earning opportunity. Though the feature was copied from Snapchat, it has quickly become the easiest way to do visual marketing. 

It means you can tell a compelling story and get views and likes. According to stats, more than 70% of people living in the USA use Instagram's story feature. Apart from this, it has great potential to do marketing worldwide. However, many powerful strategies can help you to establish your brand. So, let's talk about all this. 

How can we get more Instagram views?

The Instagram algorithm works on specific terms and shows users what they want to see. We only need to pay attention to little details and grow your account rapidly. In 2016, Kevin Systrom, the co-founder of Instagram, said about the algorithm that: 

"Instagram algorithm makes sure that 30% of Instagram's users see the best 30% possible."

Apart from this, Mark Zuckerberg, who is now co-founder of Instagram, rules the Gram along with Facebook. Over the past years, Instagram's algorithm has gone through some changes and updates. 

Instagram's algorithm: How does it work?

As a result, it reflects a slightly different set of priorities. However, today Instagram uses six factors to make the determination. On the other hand, there are the main three core factors: 

  • Interests: Instagram predicts what posts you want to see. As a result, the algorithm shows you related posts base on your search history. 
  • Timeliness: Instagram's algorithm gives priority to recent posts rather than old posts. 
  • Relationship: If someone regularly comments or tag in posts, then algorithm put you in the "friends and family" category. 

Many of you have seen the suggestion section of their relatives they haven't talked to in years. So, that's the algorithm that is working. Apart from the above three factors, there are three others. But keep in mind that these three factors don't hold as much weight as the above. 

  • Frequency of use: People who use the Instagram app more see more posts than others.
  • The number of followers: People who follow more accounts tend to see a broad cross-section of content. On the other hand, people who follow limited handles will see less content. 
  • Session time: People who spend more time on the app will find more content. It's because they can catch up on those posts that didn't rank on the top. 

What kind of content will beat the Instagram algorithm?

Instagram visuals have become an important metric to measure success. So, videos can help you to beat the algorithm by getting more views. Brands always want more impressions on their Instagram videos. But the number of Instagram views are public, so the pressure is real. However, now the brands are focusing on getting more views on their Instagram videos. 

Importance of Instagram videos/visuals: 

No one can ignore the importance of Instagram videos; they help to build the brand. It is the reality that customers want to see your product in action. So, there is nothing better than a short video on Instagram to show the product. However, it saves time without investing so much. There are the following types of video content that are helping to grow the business and accounts. 

Video blogs Tutorials Webinars
Paid ads Customer testimonial Interviews
Product videos Live videos And other forms of visual content.

Due to so many forms, video/visual content has become the most effective digital marketing strategy. If you aren't producing video content until now, then there are the following reasons to start now. According to the report of "Biteable": 

  • More than 81% of businesses use Instagram videos as a marketing tool. However, this ratio is 63% more than the last year. 
  • Furthermore, mobile video consumption rises to 100%—every year. 
  • According to Cisco's data, by 2022, online videos will bring more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic. However, this ratio is 15% higher than it was in 2017. 
  • Apart from this, 78% of people watch online videos every week. In addition to this, 55% are those people who watch Instagram videos every day. 
  • Moreover, a Facebook/Instagram executive predicted that their platform would all about videos and no text by 2021. 

So, the above promising figures are enough to show that the video form of content has beat every other thing. So, if you want to beat Instagram's algorithm, then you have to move at this. 

How to outsmart the algorithm to get more Instagram views on videos?

In the above sections, we have explained how Instagram's algorithm works. Fortunately, there are some tested methods to boost Instagram views. We are explaining those methods backed by the data and case studies. 

Use relevant hashtags: 

Instagram, Twitter, and all other apps like this heavily depends on the hashtags. However, if you attach hashtags with your videos, then it affects your views. Furthermore, if you connect a clever hashtag, it is enough to encourage viewers to view your videos. In simple words, popular hashtags do wonders to enhance the circle of your audience. Now brands are giving more importance to hashtags. The following figures are proving this point right. 

  • If you post a video on Instagram with at least one hashtag, it brings 12.6% more engagement. 
  • In 2015, the top posts of leading brands had an average of 2.5 hashtags per post. 
  • Above all, now, more than 70% of Instagram's audience is using popular or branded hashtags. 

Optimize your description: 

Instagram is more like a visual platform rather than writing. It means it's all about images and videos to get more Instagram views. We can't forget the following points while talking about the video views. So, here are pointers to optimize your description. 

  • You should add a long enough caption to grab the readers' attention. But don't make the description too long because the video is enough to explain everything. Some experts claim no better caption can outperform the video content. 
  • Divide your caption into short paragraphs if the description is too long. Apart from this, add engaging content before the "SEE MORE" button. 
  • Use related hashtags 
  • Mention and tag relevant bloggers, users, and influencers. It means you can increase your visibility by more than 56%. A study by Tommy Hilfiger showed that tagging could boost Instagram views three times more than actual ones. 

Get more Instagram views with Live video: 

Like Instagram stories, the live videos are great to boost the reach, visibility, and engagement. As a result, all these things will help to gain more followers and views. So, if you are connected with your followers, then there are plenty of topics for engagement. Hence, it is a great place to take video ideas that you know will get attention. Moreover, the great benefit of a live session is that they appear first on the story feed. Above all, your followers get the notification as soon as you go live. 

Note: Keep an eye on your views and other analytics. If you think that you received more views at that specific time, then go with this. 

Schedule the post at peak times: 

Few studies saw a considerable difference in Instagram views by changing post timing. Since most of the engagement happens right after the post, it's better to know your audience's time of activity and upload content. As a result, you can drastically increase video views. Once it goes solid in the first round of engagement, then Instagram boosts the reach and further increases the impressions. But here are the following things that you need to learn. 

  • Peak hours vary from brand to brand 
  • It will help if you learn about the peak time of your audience. 

According to one study, the best time to post on Instagram is Monday. But another study found that the worst day to post something is Monday. The following chart is explaining the worst and lousy posting time. (Image source ReadyPulse) 

However, Sunday and Monday, respectively, are the worst days to post videos on Instagram. But keep in consideration that there is no consistency across all studies. However, the general rule that posting in the afternoon and evening will give the best results. 

Focus on trending topics:

Trending topics and relevant content create more engagement. So, current events can have a significant effect on your Instagram views. Sometimes, breaking news video become a trending topic on social media. However, you can use that topic to gain ideas and followers. Generally, trending issues have their hashtags, so post relevant content and add the hashtag. You can post something funny related to that topic. Sometimes, you can fund a funny meme or gif related to that topic. So, post that on your wall and get some views and comments. 

Run Instagram video ads: 

Before heading further, it is vital to mention that this way doesn't bring the organic audience, and it cost money. But if you have video content and want to get a lot of eyes on it, then go with it this way. However, Instagram's algorithm makes sure that you get those views from relevant users. So, they can like your page and video if they feel interested in your content. It is like the promotion of your page and content. Instagram ad views are useful and showed exceptional results. It proved when tech company LG started their campaign. They saw a reach of 16 million relevant users, with more than 1.7 million engagements. 

Buy Instagram views: 

Again, it's a paid method to get Instagram views, but it's beneficial. It helps to build the credibility of your account. People stop to see your content out of curiosity. Above all, they want to know why this thing got so many views and likes. However, now this trend is prevalent to enhance the Instagram following, impressions, and hits. There are celebrities like Tylor swift, Ariana, and Ellen, who have paid followers. 

So, there is no harm in buying views for your videos. But keep remembering one thing that always goes for the real followers instead of bot and inactive. It is vital to go for natural views instead of bots and fake impressions. Bot or simulated impacts can't help you to grow the account or business page. There are plenty of benefits to buying Instagram views. We are mentioning some here. 

  • Real views give an instant kickstart to your account. 
  • It is the easiest way to build a brand or account's reputation. 
  • A massive number of views help to highlight the account. 
  • It will lead to real subscribers. 
  • Overall, this practice helps to increase the number of website visitors. 

Other ways to boost Instagram's views and reach:

In the above headers, we have explained everything in detail. Still, there are many ways that we didn't discuss yet. So, here are tactics to beat the Instagram algorithm and enjoy more reach. 

  • Choose a blogging niche as per your interest and expertise. 
  • Post frequently 
  • Make Instagram stories because it is a great way to stand out before things get too crowded. 
  • Collaborate with other influencers and bloggers. In this way, you get a chance to spread your words to a larger audience. 
  • Always keep the audience busy and engaged with your content. 
  • Conduct Giveaways or post quizzes to keep followers busy 
  • Host different contests through your page 
  • Create content specifically for Instagram 

Apart from this, if you ask followers to turn on their notifications, it will help get more views. On the other hand, friend tagging is also good to get more likes and impressions. 

Note: Apart from all the above tips and tricks, you should understand that GOOD CONTENT is king. You can keep the followers engaged by creating unique, original, and attention-grabbing content. 

Is there any place to buy REAL Instagram views?

The short answer to this answer is yes. If you have tried everything, but still things aren't working, then we have a solution. "Instant famous" is one of the trustworthy and credible places to buy real Instagram views. However, it is a golden opportunity, and you should take advantage to boost reach with real impressions. There are the following reasons to prioritize this service over others. 

  • REAL Instagram views 
  • You can enjoy the minimum delivery time 
  • A variety of packages are available at a discounted price 
  • 24/7 customer service consists of professionals. You can ask for help anytime if there is any technical fault. 
  • You get different views each time you make a purchase. 
  • Guaranteed delivery 
  • Above all, the service is 100% secure, safe, and private. 

There are fewer chances to find a service with so many robust features. However, many Instagram services are providing paid likes, views, and impressions. But most of those services are providing bot or fake marks that disappear after some time. So, "INSTANT FAMOUS" is one of the best with an affordable price range. The following chart is showing different packages at discounted prices. 

Instagram views Price
1000 views $3.61
5000 $12.08
10,000 $16.91
25,000 $24.17
50,000 $42.30
100,000 $72.52
500,000 $120.88
One million views In $181.34
And three million views In $398.95

You can see INSTANT FAMOUS is offering reasonable prices with great features. So, don't wait and give a kickstart to your account by buying REAL Instagram views. 

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