Comparision of Private and Public Education System

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Education is the basic right of every person in Pakistan therefore it is most necessary to educate each citizen of Pakistan. The state has to provide quality education at Primary to Middle level for free as mentioned in the Article A25 of the constitution. The government is inaugurating public schools in rural and urban areas which is the most important thing that has to be done. The benefit of Public sector schools is the poor families who cannot fulfill the demands of private schools now can send their child to these schools.  If you want to learn more about Pakistan education related information then visit Gotest.

According to the survey the total number of institutes in Pakistan is 260,9o3. There are 180,846 are public schools and the number of private schools is 80,057. The rate of Literacy is directly proportional to the number of educational institutes. As the number of schools colleges are increasing the literacy rate is also increasing in Pakistan which is the positive change. If we see the percentage there sixty nine percent public schools and the percentage of private schools is thirty one. The literacy rate of Pakistan is 250% as compare to the previous years. Providing education is not enough but along with the education the institutes also provide skillful knowledge and training to students.

Now we can easily compare the standard and quality of private schools education and public schools education. There is lot of difference in education standard and learning-level of the students according to the outcomes of the students. Privately owned school’s students shows better performance as compare to the students going to public schools. 

ASER has survey the 32 districts all over the Pakistan in 2010 and provide most interesting data. According to ASER the students of privately owned schools has a better level of learning than the students going to public schools. The possibility is less than four percent which is the minor difference.

Government Schools has no motivation to better the education system and provide the necessary facilities while private schools has motive to facilitate their students with high quality education and basic services. 

It is very interesting to know that government schools teachers are so experienced and well trained and hired on the basis of merit which is the positive sign. Students attending public schools have wide range of knowledge and their concepts are clear but lack of extracurricular activities their confidence level very low. 

The private schools build confidence in their students by holding extracurricular activities and provide healthy environment. They arrange functions and parties and gave prizes to the students who perform so well. Privately owned schools maintain their standard of education and facilities.

According to the statistics which are released by the ASER in survey of 2010 shows the facilities and basic needs of an educational institutes fulfilled by the private sectors on high scale while in public schools the water and toilet facility is so poor and sanitation system is not to be outdone. Get latest updates about Punjab class wise Online Test on Gotest.

The poor quality of education and facilities is not just an issue in government schools but for the whole educational system. There is not only a need to alter the popular notion that private schools are always better than government schools but also to work on improving the quality of learning in both types of school.

Irresponsibility of the administration and lack of provision of necessary facilities is damaging not only the public schools but also the entire education system. Private schools are significantly better than public schools when it comes to the education system and basic facilities.

Private school fees are too high for parents to afford. Many parents are forced to send their children to private schools due to good quality facilities. Public schools are a ray of hope for the poor who can't afford private schools. If public schools improve their quality of education as well as the provision of better environment and facilities, then they can upgrade their rank in all over the country.

The government sector schools should have incentive to improve their quality of education and provide all the facilities which are compulsory to build a strong and educated nation.

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