Hair Wigs made of real hair or synthetic - which is better?

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The time has come, you've made your decision: a hairpiece or a wig is needed! But now comes the next fundamental decision - should it be a hair replacement made from real hair or do you opt for synthetic hair made from synthetic fibers? Of course, I cannot and will not make the decision for you. Both options have advantages and disadvantages; So you can only find the best variant for yourself if you inform yourself about it and then compare it with your requirements and ideas about hair replacement.

Synthetic hair: pros and cons of synthetic hair

My first question about synthetic hair was: what is synthetic hair actually made of? The answer is relatively simple: Synthetic hair consists of a type of plastic, more precisely polyester. It is produced in a complex process and then brought into the correct, hair-like shape.

If this fiber is used for hairpieces and wigs, it has certain advantages. A hairpiece made from synthetic hair never needs to be styled. During production, the synthetic hair receives its final shape and no longer loses it. You can safely leave curling irons, straighteners, curlers and Co. with such a hairpiece in the drawer. Many women find synthetic hair to be easier to care for because it does not require extensive styling. 

Hairpieces made from synthetic fibers are usually cheaper to buy and you can find a wide range of colors and models. Synthetic hair is also colorfast and does not fade even after extensive exposure to the sun.

But advantages can also turn into disadvantages. Yes, you don't have to style the synthetic hair - but if you want to try a different hairstyle, you have to buy another hairpiece with the hairstyle you want. Brazilian hair straightening a curly piece and vice versa is only possible with special heat-resistant synthetic hair fibers, which in turn are more expensive to buy.

Synthetic hair becomes matted quickly , especially in the neck and at the tips. The greatest friction is here, as the hair lies on the collar and shoulders and is constantly moving. Matted hair is incredibly annoying and has to be brushed through over and over again. Due to the structure of the polymer, artificial hair reflects light differently than real hair. This is why hairpieces made from synthetic hair have an excessive, unnatural shine .

The shelf life of hair pieces and wigs made from synthetic hair is shorter than that made from real human hair. Typically, such hairpieces last about 6 months and then need to be replaced.

Conclusion : Synthetic hair wigs are good for entering the world of hair replacement and for people who do not have to or do not want to wear hair replacement all the time. The lower purchase price is put into perspective by the shorter service life.

Human hair: advantages and disadvantages of human hair

The origin of human hair is not quite as mysterious - it is human hair that is cut off to make hair replacements. Nevertheless, the origin of the hair has a great influence on its comfort and the care of the hair replacement. So not all natural hair wigs are same.

Basically, real hair has the advantage that it can be colored and styled . It feels like your own hair in everyday life and offers the wearer a high degree of flexibility and naturalness . With sufficient protection, real hair can be straightened, blow-dried and curled as desired.

The shelf life of real hair is between 12-24 months with good care, but it also depends on the color treatment of the hair.

The price is clearly higher - depending on the length of the hair, you pay between 800 and 2,000 euros for this valuable resource. Caring for a hairpiece made from real hair is comparable to caring for your own hair: shampooing, conditioner, styling products. For some women this is too much of a hassle.

Conclusion: For people who are dependent on hair replacement in the long term, real hair is a good solution. The higher price is offset by a longer shelf life and the feeling of the hair is comparable to your own hair. But be careful: human hair is only worthwhile if it is of high quality. Hair replacement made from Asian hair is only suitable to a limited extent for European women with hair loss.

Finding the right hair replacement: trying is better than studying

You just have to try whether you get along better with synthetic hair or real hair bob wig. If you can already rule out one of the two possibilities based on my list, then try the other. Personally, I've always been a fan of human hair simply because I want my hair replacement to be as close as possible to what I've lost. I like the feel of real hair and don't find the styling and maintenance laborious or annoying. With synthetic hair, the shine and matting bothers me massively - I couldn't get along well with that. Still, there are millions of women who are very happy with synthetic fiber hairpieces and wigs. Just try it out and see for yourself what suits you and your needs best!

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