Types of CCTV Security Cameras and their Uses

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Surveillance is a compulsion now. You can rely on the regular security guards of your area. Human errors can risk your valuable assets. This is why now a days getting a security camera for your house and office is more than necessary. 

Every one among us can tell the general use of security and surveillance systems but, form an expert’s point of view the manufacturing style and its features define the use of a security camera.

What is a CCTV camera:

CCTV is “closed circuit television camera”. CCTV cameras come in various shapes and sizes, why do designers design various shapes and sizes? 


The reason for making a number of different security camera is to ease the fixation of cameras. For you can not fix a bigger camera in a vase for secret surveillance systems. 

The most common types of CCTV cameras:

  • Dome shaped
  • Bulled shaped
  • C mount camera
  • Day night CCTV camera
  • Network camera
  • Pan tilt camera
  • HD camera
  1. Dome shape security camera 

As the name implies, these are comparatively smaller cameras. Their diameter varies from 4 inches to 8 inches. 

The best place to use the domed shape surveillance cameras is inside a bank, bus or your home. They do not occupy much space and are easy to fix. They cannot be vandalized because they are not approachable. 


They are fixed at the roof and they are the most inconspicuous cameras for you can see the camera but you can never tell the direction and spot being monitored. 

These cameras are mostly used in offices, shopping centers and schools. 

  1. Bullet shape security cameras

These cameras are long and cylindrical as if a bigger video camera is minimized into a smaller one.  These cameras are ideal for outdoor surveillance but can also be used indoors. 

The reason for using these as the outdoor security cameras is the long view. It is not a compulsion you can also have them indoors where longer view is required.

Its range is in between 80 to 140 degrees. This is quite good for outdoor surveillance, secondly bullet cameras are mostly weatherproof which makes t most suitable for outdoor surveillance systems.

  1. C mount security cameras

These cameras are varifocals. Although their range is up to 540 ft but can be increased by changing the lenses. Its package would contain a number of lenses which can be fixed without any professional assistance. 

The detachable lenses make these, the multipurpose surveillance cameras. This camera is best for zooming into the surveillance spot. This is why it is best for outdoor purposes.

  1. Day / night CCTV cameras

These cameras are specially designed for both day and night surveillance. In the day time these cameras can resist glare and reflections. While at night they can provide the best clear night vision with the advanced imaging sensors in them. 

These cameras do not use Infrared lights for night vision. This two in one camera makes it suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

  1. Network camera

These cameras are connected to ethernet and most of the time does not need any powers supply. Rechargeable batteries are their only source for power. 

Unlike analog security systems these do not need any wires for sending recordings and data, thus can be used outside the house quite easily if there is an internet connection available. These are easy to fix cameras best for shops and offices. 

  1. Pan tilt camera

These cameras can be manually controlled according to the users need. The Pan, tilt and zoom properties of the lenses is highly acknowledged for areas where there are more security risks. 


The operator can have a close up of something suspicious. This is an advanced technology in surveillance cameras. Although it is a bit expensive but, if your assets are way more expensive than the PZT cameras then you must go buy them as soon as possible. 

  1. High definition 4k security cameras

These cameras are specially designed with high definition lenses far beyond the regular ranges of lenses. These are for very sensitive properties such as banks and museums and even for own houses where you want to see each and every detail.

Strong groups and authorities prefer, and brands like Dk security also suggests using High definition 4k security camera systems for asset buildings and deep security. These 4k surveillance cameras would let the operator zoom in as much as possible without damaging the picture quality. 


People are always in search of the best product but luckily only those get the best product who shop smartly. There is a wide range of security cameras available in the market. This is why it is advisable to have a through study of the types of available security and surveillance systems.

This survey will help you in getting the best camera for your office or house. Most importantly before starting your study make a check list of what are your purposes? Why do you need a spy camera? After designing a list compare it with the types available in the market.

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