When Can a Motorcycle Accident Occur?

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It is hard to predict when a motorcycle accident will happen. If this were the case, then it would be easy to avoid some motorcycle accidents that occur today. That being said, there are times of the day that the risk of ending up in a motorcycle accident would be higher.

We do not mean that you avoid riding your bike during these times, but you need to be extra vigilant. You can even opt to ride your motorcycle slowly to avoid possible accidents. It never hurts to be extra cautious and avoid ending up in a crash.

What times are least safe for riders

Crash statistics, as provided by the NHTSA, show that the majority of motorcycle accidents happen over weekend nights. Mostly as from 3 PM to midnight, expect most motorcycle accidents. Not just any accident, but fatal accidents too. This might be because people over the weekend love to party and drink a lot. Ask anyone who owns a motorcycle; drinking and riding are never a good combination.

Most of the accidents that happen during these specific times are often fatal. About 42% of all motorcycle accidents are fatal. This might be because most riders will be riding at high speeds.

As for weekdays, 3 PM to 9 PM is the riskiest time to ride. It can be because most people are on the road, and some are trying to get home quickly.

Causes of these motorcycle accidents

-          Riding conditions

Other than having to deal with the crazy rush hour traffic, the riding conditions can also affect the number of motorcycle accidents. During this time, the sun is setting, and there is a significant change to the riding conditions. It is at this time that you can experience circumstances such as fog, snow, rain, and mixed precipitation.

All these conditions lead to having slippery roads. For a motorcycle, it does not take much to fall if the road is slippery. With less grip, the rider is supposed to take extra caution while riding to have better control of the bike.

-          Driver impairment

Not all the time will the rider be at fault in a motorcycle accident. We have other road users such as car owners. From 3 PM to midnight, you will find that the number of DUI drivers increase. On weekends, most people are having a good time drinking and still end up driving their cars. When this happens, a driver is likely to hit a motorcycle due to driver impairment.

It will be best if you are a rider to watch out for such drivers. If a car seems to be swaying from one side to another at night, ride past it with caution.

-          Visibility issues

When the sun sets, the visibility is always an issue for any rider or driver. Riders are advised to wear bright clothes or reflector jackets to boost their visibility. If you do not have any reflective clothing, then other road users such as car drivers might not see you from far. By the time they see you, it might be too late to brake.

Still, as a rider, you need the best lighting. Without the right lights, sometimes you will have a hard time seeing in the dark. Without proper visibility, sometimes riders end up hitting fixed objects.

-          Lane-splitting

Lane-splitting is nothing new among riders. This is when a motorcycle rides through two lanes of slowing moving or stopped cars. It can also apply to traffic jams. Statistics show that lane-splitting is a common cause of motorcycle accidents.

When you do lane-splitting, you will be too close to the cars. In the event the driver changes direction suddenly, you will end up in an accident. Lane-splitting also leaves the rider with limited space to maneuver the motorcycle in case of an emergency.

Remember that lane splitting is not permitted in all states. If you end up in a motorcycle accident and you were lane-splitting, it does not matter whether the car was at fault as lane-splitting is prohibited.

-          Speeding

Anyone who loves riding motorcycles is a speed junkie. Since a bike is lightweight, it is easy to get a bike to speed in a short distance. It might be the reason we have so many people getting into accidents because of speeding. Remember that bikes barely have enough protection as compared to cars. At least for cars, you have a metal frame surrounding you. It will be better to avoid speeding on public roads as there are so many unpredictable conditions.

If you want to enjoy the maximum possible speed of your bike, then it is better to take it to a track. A closed track provides you with enough room to play around with your riding skills without posing risks to yourself and others.

Motorcycles colliding with fixed objects

The worst accident you can face as a motorcycle rider is colliding with a fixed object. Such accidents account for 25% of motorcyclist deaths. Walking away from such an accident with minor injuries is rare. It is always either fatal injuries or death. It is better to watch your speed, especially when there is limited visibility as sometimes you might end up hitting something stationary.

Motorcycle collisions are not going to end any time soon. If the rider is cautious, then the chances of ending up in an accident are substantially reduced. It is best if you have a California motorcycle injury lawyer to handle your claim in case you get into an accident. It is crucial to get the right compensation to help you recover and repair your bike. 

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