Use Top 5 Link Building Strategies to Improve SEO Rankings Quickly

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Do you want to increase your website’s authority? Are you looking for ways to drive web traffic towards your site? Well, if you answer positively to the mentioned questions, then link building is probably the right option for you. 

Link building, one of the most effective SEO tactics, is all about getting other sites link back to your own website. If it is done correctly by using the right strategies, there are chances that your site will rank higher in the search engine result pages and also, Google will consider your site worthy of citation. Increasing a website’s authority is the main objective of building links. 

How successful your link building campaign will be, depends on the strategies you develop. This is why; you should always use the best strategies, as per your needs. Now, the question is – What are the best strategies to use, while building links? To get the answer, please check out this article which focuses on the top five best link building strategies. 

Use Best Link Building Strategies to Boost Your Website’s Rank 

Following are the best link building strategies you may use for your business.

  1. Post Guest Blogs 

Presently, more and more website owners are embracing guest blogging since they are gaining the best benefits out of this process. Once you become strategic about it; you will be able to generate a lot of authentic links, which is an effective way to improve your rank. 

Being strategic means setting some goals from the beginning. The first step involves choosing the right site. When selecting the sites, you should check whether the blogging sites can send you traffic. 

Since you want to build more links, you should search for blogs that have active readers. By the term “Active readers” we meant those who stay active in social media. When the readers share your guest posts, you will get more traffic. 

As, we have already mentioned, choosing the right blogging site is important when it comes to guest blogging. Before you select a site, make sure you conduct a thorough research about it. While researching, please follow the below tips: 

  • Study the blog’s readers (Find out what they want)
  • Study the most shared posts (Find out what types of content are shared the most)
  • Pay attention to the blog’s user experience

Remember, when you understand your target audience, you can easily create high value content that is going to earn your links from them. 

  1. Distribute Infographics

Infographics can play an important role in your link building strategy, even today. The best thing about infographics is that they will help you continually generate quality web traffic to your blog and also, you will be able to earn quality links. 

However, creating infographics is not that easy as it sounds, especially for those who do not have professional knowledge. So, if you are new in it, please consider seeking help from an experienced graphic designer with good track records.  

  1. Stay Active on Social Media 

With more than 2.9 billion active users, social media can be a boon for your link building campaign. If you are not quite active on social media, you are missing the scopes for driving a large share of traffic to your website. Unless you want to miss this opportunity, consider sharing new posts, updates, and images on social networking sites. 

Help your target audience find what they need the most, by sharing more or becoming more active in social media sites. When you follow this step, you can boost engagement easily.  

  1. Choose Resource Links from Trusted Websites 

Using resource links from authentic sites is a proven way to make your link building campaign successful. A resource is almost like a guide for your target audience and it is one of the most important content types that can drive traffic and generate high-quality links.  

Some authority blogs and sites like Entrepreneur, Forbes, Huffington Post, Copyblogger, Jeff Bullas, etc. have resource pages. You may link articles from these sites to your content so that your target audience will find what they have been searching for so long. But, make sure you use relevant links to improve the quality of your content. 

If you find all these steps such as guest blogging, using the right resource links, and creating infographics, difficult, you may seek help from SEO experts. When it comes to SEO, most website owners in India, usually count on Intlum. This SEO company has amazing track records of serving thousands of clients in the best possible ways. Most of the clients they served are satisfied with their services. 

  1. Use Broken Link Building Strategies 

The broken link building strategy is possibly the best option for you, if you cannot manage time for creating new content for your blog or guest posts.  

How Does It Work?

Broken link building strategy is quite simple compared to other link building methods – find content in blogging sites with dead links (Links that do not work anymore) and request the blogger to replace the dead links or broken links with other links to almost similar content on your site. If the blogger responds positively, you will be able to build links to your site, which is a great way to improve your ranking. 


The link profile of your site is one of the most important factors that determines how high it will rank in search engine result pages. When your site appears on the top position of search engine result pages, more online audience will notice your website. Thus, by using the best link building strategy you will be able to grab the attention of your target audience. 

While building links, just one thing you need to keep in mind that Google does not care much about the number of links you have got pointing to your blogs, but about the what experience you have created for your target audience by building links. So, pay attention to the link quality, rather than the quantity to make the most out of your link building campaign.  

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