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When it comes to social media, it is essential to build the narrative around the social reality we have all created for ourselves. Media, in any form, has allowed us to voice our opinions and express them while being behind a screen. 

Because of this, social media and networking have come around to play an imperative role in several people’s lives and has become a popular tool to share information due to its user-friendly features. 

Accessibility is a significant factor that permits individuals to stay connected with each other over the internet through smart-phones, computers, and any other equivalent electronic devices. 

The market today has ensured that almost everyone has this ‘access,’ allowing them to be a touch away even if they are oceans apart. People can now easily communicate nearly all day and every day - through texts, e-mails, and of course, social media. 

Especially in 2020, where everyone is switching to digital platforms, social media witnessed a recent expansion in terms of popularity and usage, and has indeed become part of the ‘new normal.’ 

Having had one of the most substantial impacts on how people are choosing to communicate in the present year, we’ve seen classes, dinner dates, and even weddings being held online. 

When it comes to applications, platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter are some of the established ones that keep the world at our fingertips.

Social Media Applications

Due to its rising trend, social media has successfully exemplified communication skills through social networking. Additionally, surveys suggest that youth are profound users of common social media applications. 

With the technological world advancing at a fast pace, students, parents, and businesses alike are all extensively using social media for digital and social media marketing purposes. 

The internet has begun to impact people significantly and has revolutionized societal functionalism today more than ever before. 

Since it is available for use in different forms over different platforms, it has become a constant source of news, education, and entertainment. 

Gaining massive popularity only about a decade ago, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other similar platforms have now become the most visited sites on the internet. 

These social media applications allow users to quickly share pictures, links, ideas, and messages with other users, which has theoretically facilitated social interaction. 

Formed by a combination of accessibility, simplicity, and innovative software design, the mere essence of these platforms is to promote positive social behaviour and encourage virtual interactions between individuals and communities. 

Present Competition in the Market

Launched earlier in the decade, Facebook, Twitter, and Skype are some of the most popular social media platforms utilized by millions daily. 

While it is rare to find individuals who don’t have accounts on either of the aforementioned sites, there have been newer applications such as Instagram, Zoom, and Snapchat that provide upgraded features than those of Facebook, Twitter, and Skype. 

These networks have already established their market share and are the highest competitors for any future applications. 

By encouraging their subscribers to build an online presence and connect to a worldwide community, they gained fame much earlier by being the first to allow informal information sharing facilities either publicly, or discretely.

Apart from building a network of friends, these applications allowed individuals to form new relations by helping them join communities sharing similar interests. These social forums paved the way for both individual and community growth.

By decreasing the use of verbal communication and increasing virtual interactions, people can now easily have online conversations through social media applications such as Skype, Zoom, or Google Meet. 

These applications enable users to communicate verbally with each other, unlike Facebook and Twitter, which facilitates written communications. 

The development of these video and audio calling applications has enabled people to have either one-on-one or group discussions. This way, individuals can easily communicate privately. 

Demand for New Applications in the Market

However, with the growth and development of social media, businesses have started using these renowned applications for advertisements and marketing. 

This shift from communication to marketing has made them lose specific market segments since the whole ideology behind a ‘social networking site’ has been changed.

With capitalism on our doors every day, our privacy is no longer secure. Promoters have extensively started using these applications for publicity by creating groups, pages, and accounts.

While it is great to have constant discounts, offers, and brand awareness, it also doesn’t help us in disconnecting with the business world. 

However, even though the evolution of social media usage has been impressive, users still want to find applications that are committed to fostering personal relationships. 

With Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter being significantly used for advertising, people often find it disturbing and refrain from using the application. Hence, the need for new apps dedicated to allowing hindrance-free communication. 

About Actiitalk™

To solve this persistent issue, Actiitalk™ is an instant messaging application that is going to be launched soon, which would allow you to stay connected with your friends without getting disturbed by pop-up advertisements and offers. 

It is vital to acknowledge that as social media evolves, the realm of virtual interaction also changes, which is why Actiitalk™ brings various innovative features to you.

Through Actiitalk™, you can effortlessly search for individuals who are engaged in similar activities as you or share your interests. 

It is significantly different from other social media applications since it allows you to connect not only worldwide but with your locality as well. 

Actiitalk™ offers three distinct ways to get in touch with individuals. 

Firstly, you can search for people who are engaged in similar activities like you, such as sports, reading, traveling, or even cooking etc.

Secondly, you can choose to type relevant keywords such as Money heist, Cricket, or Master Chef in the search bar to initiate conversations about your favourite movies, books, or topics. 

Lastly, you can also look for individuals engaged in similar activities as you by selecting a radius. You can easily send direct messages to individuals and build relationships in both the virtual and real worlds. 

The vision behind Actiitalk™ is to connect like-minded individuals and allow the formation of new relationships based on shared activities and interests. 

From discussing fan theories to solving doubts, Actiitalk™ aims to provide you with experiences and social bonds lasting for a lifetime. 

Stay glued for further updates and gets a year’s worth subscription for free by subscribing now!


In a digital world like ours, it is next to impossible to abstain from social media. While you can’t choose to opt-out of using it, you can easily pick platforms such as Actiitalk™ that would aim to maintain your privacy.  

Therefore, the means of communication has significantly improved through the continual advancement of social media. The ease of access to it opens up endless possibilities for communication and takes it to greater heights. 

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