ARCH0763 Spring19 S01 The Private Life of the Privy: A Secret History of Toilets

ARCH0763 Spring19 S01 The Private Life of the Privy: A Secret History of Toilets

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Lecture 1: What Can Viking Poo Tell Us About Life 1000 Years Ago?

Lecture 2: Whose Who in the World of Poo?

Lecture 3: What is that Smell? The Constituent Parts of Faeces.

Lecture 4: Is it a Poo? Defining and Determining At a Basic Level.

Lecture 5: Whose Scat is That?

Lecture 6: The World’s Earliest Toilet or a Rubbish Pit? The Prehistory of the Toilet.

Lecture 7: Making the Toilet More Complex – the History of the Bog.

Lecture 8: Poo Where It Originates. Looking at Faeces in Skeletal Remains.

Lecture 9: Excuse Me, is there Anymore Loo Roll in Your Stall? The Material Culture of the Toilet.

Lecture 10: Hey Siri, How do I Dry My Phone Out After Its Been in the Loo? Material Culture that Fell in the Toilet.

Lecture 11: Read All About it! Texts and the Toilet.

Lecture 12: Moss, Seeds and Microscopic Plants, Looking at the Vegetation in Your Loos.

Lecture 13: Guest lecture by Dr Christina Warriner (Harvard University) – TBC

Lecture 14: All the Small Critters. Using Animals to Think About Waste Disposal (and Visa Versa).

Lecture 15: Are You Sure that is Soil…?Geoarchaeological Approaches to Ancient Toilet Identification.

Lecture 16: Whose Scat Was This? Using DNA to Think about Ancient Waste.

Lecture 17: You Are What You Eat! Isotopic Approaches to Poo.

Lecture 18: Going Chemical! Residues and the Archaeo-chemistry of Coprolites

Lecture 19: What Lurks Within. Parasites Part I: Identification.

Lecture 20: Who Did it Come From? Parasites Part II: Animal or Human?

Lecture 21: Eeeewww! Parasites Part III: Why Study Them?

Lecture 22: Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology and RISD Museum Trips

Lecture 23: Be Careful What You Eat! The Archaeology of (under)Cooking and Food Preparation.

Lecture 24: I Don’t Feel So Good! Health and the Toilet.

Lecture 25: So Doc, What’s the Prognosis? Medical Evidence.

Lecture 26: What Goes In… Thinking About Diet I.

Lecture 27: …Must Come Out! Thinking About Diet II.

Lecture 28: But Sometimes Other Things Get Added in as Well – Looking at The Process of Using Toilets.

Lecture 29: Across the World to End Up Here. Looking at Trade Through the Things Found in Cesspits.

Lecture 30: At a Crossroads: Migrations and Latrines.

Lecture 31: Handling a Crisis. Looking at How People in the Past Dealt with What We Know to be Latrine-Related Problems.

Lecture 32: You Can’t Go There! The Politics of Relieving Ones Self.

Lecture 33: I’m Sorry Sir but the Water Board Needs Access to Your Garden. Civic Engineering in the Past (and Today).

Lecture 34: Shedding Light on Social and Environmental Change.Lecture

35: Filthy Habits! Thinking about Ideas of Morality Mapped onto Toilet Behaviour.

Lecture 36: Wasserluxus or Toilet Habits? How do we work out what is a belief or behaviour?

Lecture 37: The Grandeur of Civilization? Or A Filthy Myth? Modern Ideas of Waste management and Morality.

Lecture 38: Interacting With Animals – Why Should We Care About Non-Human Dung?

Lecture 39: Spread it Everywhere! Dung as a Functional Tool.

Lecture 40: Making Sh*t Things – Dung as Material Culture.

Lecture 41: The Scoop on Space Poop – the Future of Waste Removal

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