ARCH1492 Fall18 S01 The Priest-Kings and Village Life of Ancient Pakistan and India

ARCH1492 Fall18 S01 The Priest-Kings and Village Life of Ancient Pakistan and India

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Lecture 1 - Why should I care about the Indus Civilisation?

Lecture 2 - When, What, Where, Who and Why: a brief history of excavation in the Indus Civilization

Lecture 3 - Predictably Unpredictable: setting the geographical context

Lecture 4 - Before We Go Any Further...the challenges faced by Indus archaeology and how we are trying to resolve them

Lecture 5 - Early Village Communities of the Hills and on the Plains

Lecture 6 - Developing Village Farming Economies

Lecture 7 - Let Their Be Cities! The rise of Indus urbanism

Lecture 8 - How Typical is the Type Site? Introducing Harappa

Lecture 9 - A Different Case Study: Mohenjo-Daro

Lecture 10 - 'Being Urban': life in the five big sites and some of the smaller sites

Lecture 11 - To Be A State Or Not To Be A State: that is the question

Lecture 12 - The View From the Villages. Trying to unpack Indus socio-political organisation from the bottom up

Lecture 13 - Where Are All The Palaces?

Lecture 14 - Priest Kings and Dancing Girls

Lecture 15 - Midterm Review

Lecture 16 - Agriculture, Diet and Food - rethinking approaches to 'subsistence' within the Indus.

Lecture 17 - From Raw Material to Finished Artefact. The Technology of the Indus Civilization

Lecture 18 - The Difficult Topic of the Indus Script

Lecture 19 - How to Move Things from A to B. The Internal Trading Networks of the Indus Civilization

Lecture 20 - Creating a World System. How the Indus Civilization Played a Role in the Long Distance Trading Networks of the 3rd Millenium BC

Lecture 21 - Beyond the Indus Civilization I: what was happening in South Asia at the same time?

Lecture 22 - Beyond the Indus Civilization II: was the Indus an expansive system as well as just trading beyond South Asia?

Lecture 23: Collapse or Transformation? Why did it all end?

Lecture 24: The Aftermath

Lecture 25: Review of the course

Lecture 26 & 27: Presentation of Research Papers

Course Summary:

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