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Course description. APMA 2190 is a graduate-level introduction to nonlinear dynamical systems. Topics covered include basic existence and uniqueness results for ordinary differential equations, linear systems and Floquet theory, hyperbolicity, topological conjugacies, the Grobman-Hartman theorem, stable and unstable manifold theorems, planar systems and the Poincaré-Bendixson theorem, center manifolds, bifurcation theory, and Hamiltonian systems.

Occasionally we may also discuss various generalizations to infinite-dimensional dynamics and applications to partial differential equations.

Useful references. Although there is no required text, the following, among others, may be useful in parts of the course:

  • Luis Barreira and Claudia Valls, Ordinary differential equations: Qualitative theory, AMS
  • Carmen Chicone, Ordinary differential equations with applications, Springer
  • Philip Hartman, Ordinary differential equations, 2nd Edition, SIAM
  • Herbert Amann, Ordinary differential equations, de Gruyter

Grading policy: The final grade will be based on homework assignments and a take-home final exam:

Homework assignments 60%
Final exam 40%

Homework assignments: Homework problems will be handed out on a regular basis. Discussion of homework assignments with other students is encouraged, but what is handed in should be your own work.

Accommodations: Brown University is committed to full inclusion of all students. Please inform me early in the term if you have a disability or other conditions that might require accommodations or modification of any of these course procedures. You may speak with me after class or during office hours. For more information, please contact Student and Employee Accessibility Services at 401-863-9588 or

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Announcements and other information about the class can be found here. A PDF copy of the syllabus can be found here: APMA_2190.pdf

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